Telangana High Court denies permission for Rahul Gandhi’s event at Osmania University

5 May, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

The Telangana High Court has denied permission for a planned meeting between Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and students at Osmania University, citing a violation of the institute's executive council rul...

On Wednesday, the Telangana High Court dismissed a writ petition brought by Osmania University students asking the vice-chancellor to allow face-to-face engagement between Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and students and unemployed youths at the Tagore Auditorium.

Rahul Gandhi, a Congress MP, was set to meet with students at the university on May 7.

After hearing the petition, the Supreme Court stated,  “The purpose of the proposed meeting, which according to the petitioners would be a face-to-face interaction of students with Rahul Gandhi, cannot be said to be without political overtones in the absence of material to substantiate that the meeting is for some academic activities.”

The court further stated: “The University campus cannot be used as a political platform.”

It explained “Permitting political events is a violation of Resolution No 6 of 1591h meeting of the executive council of the university.”

“Article 14 of the Indian Constitution guarantees positive equality and not negative equality. Merely because the respondents are stated to have permitted other activities, this court cannot permit the proposed meeting in violation of its executive council resolution,” told the order from the court.