Pakistan: 854 people killed in three months in terrorist attacks, counterterrorism operations

16 April, 2023 | Pragati Singh

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The month of January 2023 was the deadliest for security forces in a decade, continuing a similar trend from the previous year.

Terrorist attack in pakistan : In Pakistan, at least 854 people were killed or injured in terrorist attacks and counterterrorism operations in the first quarter of this year, according to Dawn. According to the Centre for Research and Security Studies report, there were 358 deaths and 496 injuries as a result of as many as 219 terrorist attacks and counterterrorism operations during the January-March period. Notably, this figure was half of what was observed throughout 2022. According to Dawn, the most deaths — 245 (or 68%) — were reported from KP, followed by Balochistan (64 (18%), and then Sindh, Punjab, and Islamabad.

According to the report, the month of January 2023 was the deadliest for security forces in a decade, continuing a similar trend from the previous year, which ended with the deadliest December for them in a decade. According to Dawn, January had the second-highest number of security personnel fatalities in a single month, with 111, trailing only July 2014, which had 118.

“Most concerningly, the fatalities of security and government officials almost doubled, from 88 in the first quarter of last year to 167 in the first quarter this year,” the report said.

Terrorist attack in pakistan on security personnel, government officials, and civilians accounted for the majority of incidents of violence and counter-violence in the first quarter. According to Dawn, the TTP carried out at least 22 attacks, killing 107 people.

Tehreek-e-The Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a proscribed militant organisation, has increased Terrorist attack in pakistan since negotiations with them ended in November of last year, focusing primarily on KP police and bordering Afghan regions. There have been numerous reports of terrorist outfits, primarily the TTP, organising and launching attacks since the Afghan Taliban took power across the border.

The law and order situation in the country has deteriorated in recent months, as terrorist organisations carry out attacks virtually unabated across the country. According to The News International, Pakistani police are underfunded, ill-equipped, and poorly trained, making them vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

There are, arguably, few institutions in Pakistan where the respect-to-importance ratio is more skewed than the police.

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Less than five months into the year, the KP police have lost around 125 officers, and over 200 have been injured, mostly in terrorist attacks. This means that the total number of KP police deaths this year has already surpassed the total from last year.

The Peshawar police lines blast in January 2023 was the deadliest attack in 2023, with a suicide bomber killing over 80 personnel and injuring hundreds more. The attack took place inside a mosque in Peshawar’s apparently high-security zone, which also houses the police headquarters.

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