The future is here – the evolution of live online betting

20 February, 2021 | newsx bureau

Online betting has evolved over the years with the advent of technology. there have been consistent developments in the industry and many challenges within the technological space, which the indust...

If we look at the period before the penetration of the internet and digital technologies and solutions that we have today, gambling was a completely different experience. Online betting platforms were introduced during the 90s, but not many people were attracted towards it as they are today. However, with the development of technology, online casinos and gambling sites gained popularity.

Challenges Faced After The Development Of Online Betting

During the mid-90s, when online betting was introduced, people face a lot of challenges, the main issue was with the speed of the internet, which was very slow as everyone was using a dial-up connection. Also, computers designed earlier had poor hardware, and because of that, designers had to make sure that the website is simple enough not to increase the loading time.

Due to these reasons and several more, people were mostly interested in placing bets on sports events since every casino game had no attractive graphics and gameplay. Moreover, many people earlier didn’t trust online casinos and sites enough to share their bank account details.

How The Industry Slowly Overcame Its Challenges

During the first decade of the 2000s, thanks to the advancement of technology, internet companies developed faster internet connections, which had a significant effect on the casino industry since various companies became interested in creating online platforms. Earlier, there were only online slots with decent gameplay and speed. During the mid-2000s, online casinos got the form they have today – with better graphics, gameplay, and overall experience.

Evolution Of Online Betting With Smartphones

Before the existence of IOS and Android devices, there were many phones with the ability to use an Internet connection and download some apps and search for websites. After the first iPhone release in 2007 and the wide popularity and use of Android devices, many companies started making apps to help people gamble from their phone.

With the evolution of smartphones, online betting became more popular than traditional land-based casinos. Today, we have thousands of online slots, roulette, blackjack, poker tables, and many other games that we can play from our homes. In fact, nowadays we have sites like CasinoX8 ( that tell players about the different online casinos and gambling sites, their legal procedures, games offered, developers, pay-ins and payouts methods, pros and cons of playing on each platform and much more.

With the introduction of such sites, online betting became extremely popular especially among people who prefer playing slot machines since most modern apps offer a much better experience than the machines one can find in most land-based casinos.

Recent Developments

The most recent advancements in online betting came with the rise of blockchain technology and the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Developers started creating platforms that allow people to use their digital currencies for online gambling. The main benefit of using Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies is that one can have much faster transactions of money, which is especially important when one wants to withdraw their funds, which requires around two days in most online casinos. Moreover, this option is much more secure because one doesn’t have to provide any of their data, and their funds are secure on the e-wallet.

Yes, there were many struggles when online gambling was first introduced as an alternative, but developers of online gambling kept track of technology’s evolution, which led to such mass popularity of online gambling. Choosing to play some casino games online is much more popular than going to some resort, especially in such uncertain times. Also, one can invest less money and still have a chance to win some great prizes.