The voice of real estate sector of Punjab

23 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

Jagjit Singh Majha A List

Jagjit Singh Majha, who is considered as the 'voice of real estate sector in Punjab, says that the sector has been adversely affected by lockdown and needs a real push from the government.

Jagjit Singh Majha is an inspiration to many in the real estate sector. This post Graduate in Political Science & a law graduate who apart from being an entrepreneur is a nature lover and social worker. He shares his tips to NewsX A-List on how to be part of real estate and what all the sector needs during lockdown form the govt.

Talking about how the sector has been impacted due to the lockdown and what needs to be done, the real estate sector leader who is popularly known as ‘voice of Real Estate Sector’ in Punjab says, ‘The lockdown has adversely affected the sector, there is a massive slow down. What the sector needs is a real push from the government. The agriculture sector too has felt the impact and being the President of CREDAI Punjab & National Zonal Secretary North he has first hand experience of the same.’

‘Real -estate has the ability to jump-start and would play a vital role in the growth of the economy. What we need is real help from the government, what we have received so far is a drop in the ocean. Being a part of the sector for many years, I know the potential and growth this sector has’, says Jagjit Singh Majha.

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‘Real – estate has well accepted all new norms, be that GST or the new norms due to Covid -19. Change is inevitable and I have always received it well, what I am looking at is some new reforms. As a Real-estate leader, I am looking at the sector getting an industry Status, lower rate of interest on home loans. These will automatically help people who are wanting to buy homes and that will help the real estate sector.’

Talking about what needs to change for the betterment of this sector, Mr Majha says that ‘First and foremost is lesser paperwork, that is a huge burden which is to be borne by the sector. The sector’s prospects are bright, we just need some basic changes which will help the sector flourish.’

Giving some advice to entrepreneurs and people who want to be a part of the real- estate sector he says ‘What we need right now is to care about values. This pandemic has taught us that for sure. We need to care about our workforce. Our workers who have gone back home need to see how we can get them back and restart life. Just like how a sunflower on a dull day looks towards each other rather than looking down, we need to do the same. We need to take care of one another rather than thinking it’s all over. The end is no way close. We need to keep our spirits high and keep doing our best. The future is bright for the real – estate sector.’


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