There was never ‘mann ki doori’ with northeast: Rashid Alvi slams Shah’s remarks

15 February, 2023 | Vaishali Sharma

Shah National

Rashid Alvi, a Congress leader, slammed Union Home Minister Amit Shah's remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiatives removing the "man ki doori" of the northeast, saying the people of t...

Rashid Alvi, a Congress leader, slammed Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiatives removing the “man ki doori” of the northeast, saying the people of the region did not feel distant.

He also stated that the people of Tripura were dissatisfied with the performance of the BJP-led government, and that the Congress would take power in coalition with its allies. Rashid Alvi responded to Amit Shah’s remarks in an interview with ANI that the BJP had removed the “Mann Ki Doori” of the North-East, saying that there was always love and respect between people from the northeast and those from other parts of the country.

“Making such remarks implies that earlier people of northeast didn’t respect us. But that’s not true. BJP government has come only eight years before. I have visited the region many times, and there was always love and respect for all of us. So, taking credit for this wrong on Amit Shah’s part,” Alvi said.

He also attacked the government on the renaming of cities.
“You hate Mughals, but it is also the fact Bahadur Shah Zafar is also from the same family, who fought against the British and whose sons were killed. What will happen if the next government comes and again renames the cities? Will only ‘renaming’ keep on happening in the country in the name of development,” he asked.

Asked about the ban on PFI, Alvi accused members of Sangh Parivar of spreading radicalsim.
“They have put a ban on the outfit (PFI) only recently, despite being in power for eight years.”
He also attacked the BJP government alleging that situation in Kashmir is still not normal.

“Despite what BJP says, the situation in Kashmir is not normal. It should be remembered that Kashmiri Pandits left the valley under the VP Singh government, which was running with support of the BJP. Despite so many years, they have not been able to bring Kashmiri Pandits back to the valley,” he said.

Asked about Amit Shah’s remark that PM Modi should be getting the credit for a successful G20 summit, the Congress leader said, “Has any other country not hosted the summit before? SAARC and other summits are also hosted by countries routinely. There is nothing to take credit for.”