“There was nothing done illegally”: Trump reacts to his arraignment

5 April, 2023 | Pragati Singh

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The arraignment of Donald Trump on Tuesday was yet another high-voltage drama in US politics.

Following his arrest, former US President Donald Trump stated on Tuesday that every legal person has stated that there is no case and that he has done nothing “illegally.”

“The hearing was shocking to many in that they had no ‘surprises,’ and therefore, no case. Virtually every legal pundit has said that there is no case here. There was nothing done illegally!”

On ‘Truth Social,’ Trump commented on his arraignment. Trump is facing criminal charges for his alleged role in 36 felony criminal offenses, including a hush money payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels during his 2016 campaign to cover up an alleged affair that he has repeatedly denied.

The arraignment of Donald Trump on Tuesday was yet another high-voltage drama in US politics. Trump, the first past president of the United States to be indicted, has surrendered before appearing in court.

While Trump willingly surrendered, which surprised some, the FBI had notified local and state police agencies across the country about concerns about a possible indictment, and New York City officials had planned to close major roadways in lower Manhattan as a security measure, according to ABC News.

In New York City, police used barricades to separate boisterous pro- and anti-Trump protestors in a tiny park near the courthouse where Trump was arraigned, with NYPD officers standing in the center. According to CNN, several of the marchers were heard hurling insults and profanities at each other.

On one side, surrounded by hundreds of Trump fans, a guy strummed chords on a violin as he stood next to a demonstrator holding a sign that read, “Trump didn’t start any wars!”

But, one of the supporters drew attention to himself. A naked cowboy, who regularly poses for visitors in Time Square, came into the courtroom to show his support for the former president. According to CNN, he posed for photos with supporters of the former president.

While, on the other side, placards with “Lock him up!” signs were shown. “Trump is the definition of depravity,” read another sign. Trump pled ‘not guilty’ in court to the 34 criminal accusations brought against him. And exited the courthouse without saying anything following his arraignment. According to CNN, he then traveled to Florida.

As Trump prepared to leave for Mar-a-Lago, his Florida estate, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg, a Democrat, held a press conference and issued a statement indicating that the former President has been charged with three pre-election hush-money instances. The attorney referenced three instances of the ‘catch and kill’ plot in Donald Trump’s indictment in the statement.

“In one instance, American Media Inc. (“AMI”), paid USD 30,000 to a former Trump Tower doorman, who claimed to have a story about a child TRUMP had out of wedlock,” Bragg said in a statement.

According to the attorney, AMI paid USD 150,000 to the lady who claimed to have sexual contact with Trump. In addition, the former President instructed his lawyer to reimburse AMI in cash. In an agreement with federal authorities, AMI recognized its conduct was illegal and that it created false entries in its business records about the genuine purpose of the USD 150,000 payment.

“In a third instance – 12 days before the presidential general election – the Special Counsel wired USD 130,000 to an attorney for an adult film actress. The Special Counsel, who has since pleaded guilty and served time in prison for making the illegal campaign contribution, made the payment through a shell corporation funded through a bank in Manhattan,” the statement read.

The indictment began with a vote by the Manhattan grand jury to indict the former US President.
On Thursday, former US President Donald Trump was at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida home and private club, when his lawyers announced that he had been indicted.

Trump has frequently denied any misconduct and has insisted that those investigating him are making politically motivated claims. The indictment against Donald Trump was submitted behind closed doors at the lower Manhattan courthouse after the clerk’s office had closed for the day.