This 21 Year Old Digital Marketing Is On The Rise: Harsh Garg

22 April, 2021 | newsx bureau

Harsh Garg Business

Harsh Garg says that he is his own boss and has clients to whom he needs to cater to. From the very beginning, he knew that he was meant to do something great.

Not a lot of people have the opportunity to get the best digital marketing advice from the best of people but today we shall go over some very important factors that an experienced marketer has to say. Harsh Garg truly knows his way around the digital world.

“Why a digital marketer? Why not something else, there is a wide range of things you can choose from yet you opted to become this. Is this just for the profits or do you derive some personal benefits?”

“I would like to say, why not a digital marketer. There have been a lot of innovative developments in the present generation and I have observed how the younger people tend to be looking up to more motivating jobs that are meant to satisfy their demands 1st and then the profit demands. I can relate this to myself because I generally enjoy marketing, it is not so that I can earn a salary or a revenue,  So I gave in my all, here I am today, living the best life possible as an expert digital marketer” says Harsh Garg.

Interviewer: That is very understandable and innovative, I bet a lot of the younger generation look up to you as a role model, as they should. But, where do you see yourself five years from now?

Harsh Garg: To be honest, I see myself in a lot of places and being a successful digital marketer who helps out others is the top priority. Being a professional is not easy because clients expect you to have extraordinary skills and talents. There is no denying that I have all of them but it takes a lot of effort to stay updated and keep learning, it is a constant process that I have to go through, night after night and day after day, this is completely endless! I do not know where my journey will end as a digital marketer and it is surely not anytime sooner because there will be other demands regarding this. All I can say is, the world is an ocean and opportunities are endless.

Interviewer: Would you like to give a final word of suggestion to your admirers?

Harsh Garg: This is exactly what I’m here for! Listen up straight and clear, keep moving forward no matter how difficult their circumstances get. Believe me, it gets better and it sure will if you do not give up. I apply this in every stage of my life and here I am, standing successfully.