This is how Shilpa Chaudhary made it to such a great level

19 November, 2021 | Jaya Choudhary

Shilpa Chaudhary Lifestyle & Fashion

Shilpa attributes her success to her unrelenting work ethic, dedication, and commitment to pursing her passion.

Shilpa Chaudhary is a rising fashion influencer that is significantly different from other influencers in her space, evidenced by her authentic and genuine approach that is premised on creating positive content to enhance the lives of her followers. This approach has led Shilpa to a mass over 755K followers on Instagram, and over 6.5m followers on Tik Tok. Her extensive appeal has given her the opportunity to work with elite brands.

Shilpa attributes her success to her unrelenting work ethic, dedication, and commitment to pursing her passion. Shilpa majored in International Business while attending university, she chose this major over Fashion Merchandising as she recognized that those who studied International Business made more the first few years out of college, as opposed to those who studied Fashion Merchandising. Regardless of this fact, Shilpa found another outlet to pursue her passion in the fashion industry by vlogging on YouTube. She says this has been a decision she has been forever grateful for. Although Shilpa attended university in a small town where there weren’t any high-fashion houses or high-end stores in close proximity, she managed to find several clothing stores she liked to work for part-time on weekdays.

“The really cool thing is that I know if I never put in the hard work and dedication years ago to learn about what good work ethic really is, I would never be where I am today. It feels amazing for me, as it shows that hard work over time really pays off”.

“As time went on, my passion for styling, fashion, and beauty continued to grow. I tried to make the best of my environment is I wouldn’t neglect something that I have fallen in love with over and over throughout the years”, says Shilpa

Upon starting her vlog, Shilpa would display many beautiful pieces from designers and brands that she had a longstanding admiration for. After many years of blogging, Shilpa was able to establish business partnerships with brands. She always made it a priority to be grateful for her accomplishments, as she was able to navigate an industry she was not yet familiar with. She landed an incredible opportunity to be featured on digital media platforms. Shilpa says that despite having to wake up 5am for shoots and getting home around 9pm, it was a fun and exciting experience.