Three history-sheeters held with 101.650 Kg of Ganja in Delhi

12 February, 2023 | Pragati Singh

delhi National

A total of 101.650 kg of ganja was confiscated in Delhi.

The Delhi police nabbed three history sheeters in the Ranhola region on Sunday and confiscated 101.650 kg of Ganja, according to authorities. Pabbar Giri, Pappu Rai, and Geegal Kumar have been named as the suspects. According to authorities, a squad led by special staff inspector of Delhi police Praveen Kumar was formed after receiving information about the supply of narcotics substances in the region, and three people carrying plastic bags on their shoulders were detained with 101.650 Kg of Ganja.

A total of 35.250 kg of ganja was confiscated from accused Pabbar Giri, 33.200 kilogramme of ganja was discovered from accused Pappu Rai, and 33.200 kg of ganja was recovered from accused Geegal, according to police.

The police squad at Ranhola station has filed a complaint under relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code. Police further stated that over the course of the investigation, accused Pappu Rai confirmed his crime and revealed that he had previously been involved in a similar crime and received an 8-year sentence.

He used to buy ganja in Bihar and distribute it in the Delhi region with the aid of colleagues. Meanwhile, accused Pabbar Giri confirmed his crime and said that he had previously been involved in a similar crime and had been imprisoned in Tihar Jail twice for similar offences.

He used to get ganja from Bihar with the help of Pappu Rai and provide it in the Delhi region with the help of colleagues, according to cops. Police are also looking into whether anybody else assisted the accused in committing the crime or was engaged in any way.