Time for Quad Security Council: Philippines, Taiwan and others raise alarm over non-stop Chinese violations

22 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Amid the growing assertiveness of Beijing, it is time that a Quad security council is established, which gives veto powers to its permanent members United States, Japan, Australia and India. Meanwh...

The increasing assertiveness of Beijing in the Philippine waters and repeated incursions in the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone requires that the Quad leaders take immediate action and establish a Security Council that can challenge China for its actions. The Quad countries called for an inclusive Indo-Pacific that is “anchored by democratic values, and unconstrained by coercion”.

Philippines had reported that 200 fleets had been spotted near the disputed Witson Reef whereas Japan had spotted a Chinese destroyer in their waters.  In another instance, the Chinese airplane had intruded into the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone and has been the first incursion since March 17. This must be perceived as mounting pressure on Taiwan’s independence. Over the past few month, such cases have been reported almost every single day. Air Defence Identification Zones are indicators that help countries detect incursions into their airspace. However, these zones have been labelled as International Airspace and it is imperative that the aircraft that crosses through AIDZ notifies of its route to the host nation, although the pilots are not bound to do so.

On the other hand, the United Nations Security Council has still not taken any action against China’s expansionist aims. India has stressed upon the urgent need to reform the UNSC. VADM (R) S. Sinha believes that the ASEAN countries will feel divided because of the formation of the Quad. William Yang, an East Asia Journalist comments that veto must be taken into consideration for the Quad. He also emphasized that China and Russia have been garnering leverage with their veto powers as the Permanent Members of the UNSC. Not only that, Human Rights have been redefined by China and it has a huge influence. Namrata Hasija, a Resaerch Fellow at CCAS clearly put forward the view that the China sees itself overtaking the USA which is why it acts in such a manner.


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This comes amidst tensions in the region as Beijing has ramped up pressure against Taipei. Not only that, she has threatened that Taiwan’s  independence means war.  J.K.S. Parihar, a Defense Expert and a Former Diplomat commented that stringent action needs to be taken against China. Mr. Parihar emphasized,  “Her actions signify that she has been warning the USA that they must not interfere against China’s activities and if they attempt to control, Taiwan will bear its grunt”.

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