Music is now converting into sound, new songs lack melody: Upmanyu Bhanot, Music composer

10 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Upmanyu Bhanot A List

Upmanyu Bhanot recently got candid with NewsX in an exclusive interview as a part of its special series, NewsX India A-List. In the interview, he shared insights from his 22-year long musical caree...

Music Composer Upmanyu Bhanot, in an exclusive interview with NewsX under its special segment NewsX India A-list, talked about his inspiring journey from delivering a Gima award-nominated album to working with singers like Asha Bhosle and Sonu Nigam. He has been a part of the music industry for 22 years now.

Reflecting on his 22-year long musical journey, Upmanyu said that he began his music journey at a very early age. He was only 8 or 9 when he started playing the tabla and then gradually progressed to other instruments like Guitar, Keyboard and even computer-generated music. He expressed that he has always been interested in instrumental music and was particularly interested in scoring background music since the beginning. He has worked with legendary Sitar Maestro Shujaat Husain Khan and Asha Bhosle to produce music for mainstream cinema and tele-series, from background scores of feature films and documentaries.

Having produced music in a variety of genres, he further shared what defines ‘Upmanyu Bhanot’s music. “I would say, I have been using this word very regularly it’s called contemporary music. So, I’m more known for my style of fusing things, classical or semiclassical with the symphony, or electronic mixing with Symphony, or electronic music mixing with classical so I love to experiment. So, as I said I love the fusion world music genre so this is my genre. So, I love doing that and people also like that,” he expressed.

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Upmanyu recently composed music for web series like ‘The Story’ for Zee 5 and ‘Bekaboo’ for Alt Balaji. Drawing a distinction between a normal film background music and web series, he said, “We have to compose a lot of themes and then those are matched with the characters, and then we have to make some random themes. And then of course the background score is as per the scene. It was a good learning experience for me. I really enjoy doing background score off lately. The more challenging the scene is, the more I enjoy it. ”

When asked about his opinion on the remix culture and whether artists have to put it more efforts to remain relevant, he said, “Yes, sound is changing everyday so music is actually converting into sound. You compare today’s music world with your 70s 80s or mid-90s. In those times, composer and producers were focusing more on the music and the melody. But  today the melody is missing. This is the reason why we are remixing old songs. We’re picking up the old melodies and putting new sounds, which is a brilliant idea but, unfortunately some of the remixes are so bad. They overdo it and kill the melody so much that the sound overpowers the melody and you don’t enjoy the sound. You just kill the song. If you don’t overdo it then It’s fantastic. There’s a very thin line between overdoing it and doing it properly.”

At last, sharing his piece of advice for the young aspiring music composers, he said, “Stick to your genre and don’t try to copy. Don’t think that if this guy is doing remixes and he is earning big money so I should also do it. All you need is to explore yourself, know your strength and stick to that. I’m also exploring myself and still learning.”