PM Modi's Mujra Remark to The Opposition Stirs Controversy Amidst The Elections

PM Modi was campaigning in Bihar, when he used the ‘Mujra’ remark for the opposition…

Ever since the election campaigns of various parties for the 2024 Lok sabha elections have started, It has been seen that BJP and Congress several times have indulged in the Hindu-Muslim rhetoric. BJP targeting the opposition of “muslim-appeasement” policies.
In the similar narrative, on Saturday, Prime minister Modi once again over Congress’s alleged corruption and “muslim appeasement policy” said, that “If INDI Alliance wants to perform mujra for vote bank, it hardly bothers me. I will continue fighting for the quota of OBCs, SCs and STs.”

Priyanka Gandhi Wadra’s Counter Over the “Mujra” remark

She said, “Modi Ji, you are the Prime Minister of the country. Please do not reveal your harsh reality to the nation. You have said that the country is like your family. The head of a family always carries a sense of respect towards its members, which should never be lost. Today, the entire country respects the position of Prime Minister, and so do we. It is your duty to maintain the decorum and dignity of the office. But today, the way you speak reflects your true nature,” Vadra said at a joint election rally with SP chief Akhilesh Yadav in Gorakhpur.

“At one time, your faith and hopes were tied to Modi Ji. Is it not his responsibility to maintain the decorum and dignity of the office? The way he is speaking today shows his true nature. It appears that the Prime Minister is nervous and has forgotten that he is the representative of the country. Such words should not come from his mouth. They have degraded the position of our Prime Minister to such an extent. They have not maintained the decorum and dignity of the office.”

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said PM Modi is in panic..

Condemning the Prime Minister’s remarks, suggesting that Modi’s language indicates a sense of panic. “These statements indicate that Modi Ji himself is nervous. The Prime Minister should speak like a statesman but often resorts to incitement. He talks about Hindu-Muslim issues and creates caste-based divisions. You are stripping away constitutional rights one by one and denying people their benefits. That is why we are fighting,” Kharge stated.

In a post on social media platform X, Kharge further criticised Modi’s choice of words, stating, “From ‘M’, Modi Ji remembers ‘mutton’, ‘fish’, ‘Mughal’, ‘mangalsutra’, and ‘mujra’, but he doesn’t remember ‘maryada’ (dignity), which should be associated with the position of Prime Minister!”

Congress Leader Pawan Khera critices…

To PM Modi’s mujra comment, opposition’s leader Pawan Khera posted on ‘X’, questioning the appropriateness of such language coming from the prime minister and further suggested that the prime minister appears to be ehausted and requires rest and medical attention.
He said, “Today Narendra Modi used the word ‘Mujra’ in a program. Does it suit the Prime minister to use such words? The prime minister is tired. He needs some rest and treatment.”

Speaking to ANI, Khera said, “Is this the way a prime minister of a country speaks? Is there any provision for reservation based on religion anywhere in the constitution? you have been a PM for 10 years, you have been sitting after taking the oath of the constitution, you should have at least read what is written in it.”

Saket Ghokale of TMC also expressed his dislike

The Trinamool MP also criticized the PM and said that the PM can’t hide his true self anymore. Such cheap language. From “Naari shakti”, the man has now come down to using words like “mujra”. Scary to think what all he must be saying during his foreign trips as PM.”

What else PM Modi have been targeting the opposition on?

Addressing three rallies back-to-back rallies in Pataliputra, Karakat and Buxar Lok Sabha constituencies, which is going to polls on 1st June. The PM accused INDI alliance of being “communa;, castiest and dynastic”. He also accused the opposition of going to any extent to alter the constitution and give reserbations meant for OBCs/SCs/STs and EBCs to Muslims as their part of appeasement policy.

Then, taking jibes at Tejashwi’s alleged land-for-jobs scam, Modi said, “Those who have looted biharis on the name of providing jobs, they must listen carefully that their countdown of going to jail has started…they will not be spared..this is the NDA govt. and Modi’s guarantee.”

He cautioned the first-time voters against the return of “jungle-raj” to Bihar if they voted for opposition alliance.