Wednesday, December 6, 2023

TTP Holds Pakistan Govt Responsible for Multan Hospital Brutality

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According to a statement issued by the banned organisation Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the discovery of hundreds of dead bodies in a Multan hospital was caused by the Pakistani government and its agencies, including the Frontier Corps, Army, and Inter-Services Intelligence. According to TTP, “Pakistan is the state of butchers’; nobody cares for human life, especially Baloch and Pashtoon lives.”

The declaration claims that Pakistan’s National Assembly is immoral and that Pakistan has no good intentions toward Balochs and Pashtoons.

According to the statement made by this movement, the bodies of these individuals were dismembered, and their organs were then removed and used to play dirty games and make money.

The message continued by saying that thousands of Pashtun and Baloch people have been going missing for years and are now in danger.

According to TTP, the decomposing bodies belonged to Baloch and Pashtun people who had been the targets of enforced disappearances.

TTP claimed in the statement that it will answer to the government for its acts and denounced the parties and human rights organisations for failing to speak out against such incidents.

The banned organisation said that such behaviour and disdain for human bodies are prohibited under Shariah.

On October 14, a number of unidentified, rotting remains were discovered on the rooftop of the morgue at the Nishtar hospital.

Following the occurrence, a six-person committee was formed at the request of the extra chief secretary of the province, and an inquiry got underway. The committee then requested that the employees at Nishtar Hospital be disciplined for mistreating the corpses.

The police will be in charge of returning the abandoned corpse after 28 days after delivering it to the hospital, according to the article. Additionally, it was reported that the burial will be handled jointly by the police and the secretary of the police union council.

It recommended that the police and hospital administration coordinate the interment of the deceased. Earlier, according to a local media site, the hospital put the blame for decomposing remains on roofs on police and rescue personnel.

The head of the anatomy department of Nishtar Medical University (NMU), Dr. Mariam Ashraf, said that the police and rescue workers were to fault for the dead stacking up in the morgue and on its roof.

According to Ashraf, the hospital was obligated to receive the remains for safekeeping and couldn’t refuse to do so. We are asked to store it at the hospital by police and rescue personnel.

“They are not returned on time by the police and rescue personnel. We have requested that they take the bodies in written paperwork. Such occurrences result from the latency, “explained the official.

Pro-Baloch organisations have, in the meantime, expressed grave worry over the retrieval of the dead remains. The spokesperson for the Baloch National Movement (BNM) said in a statement that the dead corpses found on the Multan hospital’s roof and their situation both worry them.

“Those who were cruelly placed upon the roof, whose flesh was being consumed by birds and vultures. Tariq Gujjar, an advisor to the Punjab Chief Minister, recognised these organisations. However, this story has been kept under wraps by the Pakistani media. Additionally, it reveals this fact, which is why this news is being withheld by the media “a representative for BNM stated.

“168 unidentified remains were discovered in Punjab this month. those who were buried after being proclaimed unknown “said the spokesman.

The leader of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), Allah Nazar Baloch, called the discovery of hundreds of dead corpses a terrible tragedy and asked the UN and human rights organisations to investigate the horrific occurrence immediately.

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