Turbulence hits SpiceJet flight, 15 people injured

2 May, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

While descending to the target airport, the SpiceJet Mumbai-Durgapur flight faced significant turbulence.

Officials claimed a strong turbulence hit a SpiceJet Mumbai-Durgapur flight while it was descending into the destination airport on Sunday, injuring over 14 passengers and a cabin staff member.

The Boeing B737-800 plane, on the other hand, landed safely, and those who were injured were given medical attention and sent to the nearest hospital.

“During descent, the airplane VT- SLH encountered significant turbulence. Although the plane landed safely in Durgapur, a few passengers were injured. A Durgapur airport official said, “Medical assistance was provided upon arrival.”

“A cabin crew member as well as around 14 passengers were hurt.” A handful of them who were hurt received head injuries and were stitched up. “One passenger has complained of a spinal injury,” according to a DGCA officer.

A SpiceJet spokeswoman described the event as “unfortunate,” but stated that the company will provide quick medical treatment upon arrival in Durgapur. “SpiceJet regrets this regrettable event and is offering all available medical assistance to the injured,” the airline added.

When the plane met volatility owing to poor weather in West Bengal, the captain activated the seat belt indication. Two passengers were seriously hurt when they collided with the food trolley, according to sources acquainted with the situation.

“When the seat belt signs were put on, the food service should have ended and all passengers should have returned to their seats, which was not ensured at the time of the occurrence,” an official who requested anonymity stated.

“The incident is being probed,” a senior DGCA official stated. We can’t make any assumptions.”