‘Tweet your voice’, Twitter launches voice tweets for iOS users, people respond with memes

18 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Twitter is back with another feature that allows users to 'speak their mind', in real sense. Though, people have responded with memes on the quirky attribute of adding voice notes to their tweets.

Twitter has launched ‘voice tweets’ for its iOS users, this additional feature came days after Twitter introducing a feature called ‘Fleets’, allowing users to share fleeting thoughts that last for only 24 hours. Twitter is back with yet another quirky feature that allows users to add voice notes to their tweets.

By inculcating this characteristic, the micro-blogging site has added a ‘human touch’ to Twitter akin to WhatsApp and Instagram stories. This feature enables people to record 140 seconds of audio for their voice tweets, the voice note option shows up next to the camera icon when you compose a new tweet.

Twitter has certainly given users more control over conversations against the 280 characters limit per tweet, they can keep recording their voice tweets and it will automatically turn into a thread, thus giving people more control to extend what they can say on the platform.

However, the feature currently is only available for iOS users, the company announced the advent of the feature via a blog post saying that ‘sometimes 280 characters aren’t enough and some conversational nuances are lost in translation’ it further said that ‘to attach a human touch to Twitter, it is, therefore, adding the voice note feature’.

The voice notes cannot be downloaded by other users but the number of listens that the tweet gets will be visible under the note itself.