Twitter to Feel Faster, Musk Announces Architectural Change

29 December, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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In an announcement made by Elon Musk, Twitter is slated to undergo some major architectural changes which will smoothen up the functioning of the platform.

The Tesla CEO posted on the microblogging platform, saying “Significant backend server architectural modifications rolled out.” Twitter should feel quicker, said Musk.
Many Twitter users responded to the surprise news in the comments section by expressing their confusion.

One person posted “Do we need to restart the app?” alongside a meme showing Elon Musk holding a phone with the remark, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

“How precisely is faster? It has consistently seemed the same, “Added a different user.

Another user said, “Yes, I did need that! Elon, thank you for all you do “.
The upgrade came after the microblogging site had a problem in the early hours of Thursday.

According to reports, there was a significant outage on the platform’s website. It was challenging for many people who attempted to sign in but were met with an error notice.

As of 7:30 am EST (12:30 pm GMT), more than 8,700 users have reported issues with the website, according to reports, quoting internet outage tracking service Downdetector.

According to user complaints, Twitter has been experiencing issues since 7:13 EST, according to a tweet from Downdetector. Two months after Elon Musk paid USD 44 billion to purchase Twitter, there is an outage.

The multi-billionaire also said on Wednesday that the new Twitter Policy will not just respect science but will also legitimately challenge it.

As stated in a recent tweet by Musk, “New Twitter policy is to follow the science, which obviously includes reasoned criticism of the science.”

In a follow-up tweet to his earlier policy announcement, Musk said, “Anyone who thinks that criticising them is disputing science itself cannot be recognised as a scientist.”