Uddhav Thackeray addresses party leaders virtually

24 June, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

According to Thackeray, "Eknath Shinde makes his own son an MP so why does he have a problem with my son."

When speaking electronically to party leaders, Uddhav Thackeray claimed that those who had promised to commit suicide before leaving the Shiv Sena had fled.

The Shiv Sena rebels are “seeking to split the party,” according to Uddhav Thackeray, who has been reduced to a minority in his own party following a surprise mutiny by his minister. He said, “Why should I feel guilty about people who have left?”
Speaking to a gathering of party leaders in a similar manner to how he addressed Covid, the Maharashtra Chief Minister claimed that individuals who had previously stated they would sooner die than leave the Shiv Sena had today “run away.”

Targeting the MLAs who have abandoned him, Mr. Thackeray asked, “How far can you go without mentioning the names of Shiv Sena and Thackeray.”

According to Thackeray, “Eknath Shinde makes his own son an MP so why does he have a problem with my son.”

“From my head and neck to my feet, every part of my body hurt. Some people predicted my lack of recovery… I didn’t give a damn about myself even if my eyes weren’t opening. Power struggles aren’t my thing.”

This is Mr. Thackeray’s second passionate statement since Wednesday, when he stated he was prepared to resign if even one MLA said it to his face but refrained from actually doing so.

Nevertheless, since that appeal, an increasing number of MLAs have flown to Assam to join the insurgents.

In order to fracture the party and take control of the “true Shiv Sena,” Mr. Shinde has more MLAs than he needs (he needs 37).

Mr. Shinde is anticipated to work with the Sena’s longest-standing coalition partner and launch a campaign for office in Maharashtra while being hosted by the BJP, first in Gujarat and subsequently in Assam.