Amid war with Russia, Ukraine eyes country’s accession to NATO next year

24 July, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastava

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It is currently difficult to admit Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict with Russia, according to the United States and other NATO members.

Oleskii Reznikov, Ukraine’s defence minister, the country plans to join NATO sometime in the next year.

In an interview, Reznikov remarked that the NATO summit in Washington, D.C., the following year “who knows, maybe it will be a very important day for Ukraine,” adding that “it is just my forecast.”

Reznikov referred to Article 5 and said, “We have no options to have a unanimous vote” while the fighting is still continuing on, acknowledging that Ukraine will only be able to join the alliance once the war is ended.

He responded with a hasty “Yes” when asked if he thought the war will be done by next summer. This conflict will be won by us.

Reznikov dismissed the Biden administration’s reluctance to guarantee that Ukraine would be welcomed as soon as the war with Russia was over.

He said, “I don’t think it’s necessary. Reznikov stated that Ukraine would have a shortened admissions procedure and will continue to work on the required improvements in the interim. According to CNN, the defence minister emphasised that the advantages of including Ukraine in the alliance have increased as a result of its conflict with Russia.

NATO Members, United States find it difficult to admit Ukraine into NATO amid conflict with Russia

It is currently difficult to admit Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict with Russia, according to the United States and other NATO members. US Vice President Joe Biden stated earlier this month that he does not believe Ukraine is prepared to join NATO and noted that the process of becoming a member of NATO, which includes democratisation and a variety of other requirements, takes time.

When asked about Ukraine’s membership in NATO in an interview, the US President responded, “I don’t think it is ready for membership in NATO,” according to CNN.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reported having a phone chat about “unblocking” the Black Sea grain corridor with NATO Secretary General Jen Stoltenberg.

“Had a phone conversation with NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg. We discussed the implementation of the agreements reached during the Vilnius summit and further actions regarding the integration of Ukraine into @NATO,” Zelensky wrote on Twitter.

He further added, “We shared assessments of the current situation in the Black Sea and the risks it poses for global food security. We also identified with Mr Stoltenberg the priority and future steps necessary for unblocking and sustainable operation of the Black Sea grain corridor.”

This happened when Russia declared it was withdrawing from a pact mediated by the UN that permitted the sale of grain from Ukraine.