Ukrainian forces storing weapons at nuclear power plants: Report

24 January, 2023 | Vaishali Sharma


Ukrainian soldiers are keeping Western-supplied missiles and ammunition in nuclear power stations, according to reports.

Ukrainian soldiers are keeping Western-supplied missiles and ammunition in nuclear power stations, according to Russian Today, quoting Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergey Naryshkin.

“According to the Director of the Russian Foreign intelligence service, they received reliable data that Ukrainian armed forces are storing weapons and ammunition provided by the West on the territories of nuclear power plants in Ukraine,” the RT reporter said. He added that the armaments include rockets for US-made HIMARS launchers and missiles used by foreign air defence systems and “large-calibre artillery shells”.

The Russian Embassy in India stated on Facebook, after sharing the RT video footage, that Kyiv’s goal is plain. Ukrainian military are using nuclear reactors to shelter themselves from Ukrainian citizens. According to CNN, while the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues, Poland wishes to send German-made Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and is seeking approval from Germany. CNN went on to say that Germany has not received any requests from Poland.

“To this hour we have not received a request,”a spokesperson for the German government, Steffen Hebestreit told a news conference. “And if they ask, then there is a certain procedure. I can’t tell you whether that will take a few days or several months.”

He promised that any application would be “processed with the necessary speed that is required, but of course also with the necessary thoroughness that such procedures demand.”

According to CNN, Poland is one of 13 European countries that own German Leopard 2 tanks, citing the European Council on Foreign Relations think tank. It has offered to transfer them to Ukraine and is attempting to persuade other nations to do the same, but re-exporting them usually requires Germany’s authorization.

Meanwhile, Ukraine stated on Sunday that global hesitation is killing more Ukrainians. This comes after Germany failed to decide whether to give German-made Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine in order to bolster the country’s military power against Russia, according to Al Jazeera.

“Today’s indecision is killing more of our people,” Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak tweeted on Saturday.

“Every day of delay is the death of Ukrainians. Think faster,” he wrote. According to Al Jazeera, Ukraine has been pleading for German-made Leopard 2 tanks. Several Ukrainian allies have echoed President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s concerns, saying the tanks are essential to Ukraine’s fight with Russia.

According to Al Jazeera, the US and its partners have not achieved an agreement on sending German-made Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, as Russia has threatened to intensify the war in Europe.