UN Chief appeals for humanitarian cease-fire in Ukraine

29 March, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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UN Secretary General on Monday announced for a humanitarian cease fire in Ukraine

UN Secretary General Antonio Gueterres on Monday announced for a humanitarian cease fire in Ukraine.

Talking to media, Antonio Gueterres declared, “Today, I’m announcing that, in the exercise of my good offices, I’ve instructed Martin Griffiths, our global humanitarian coordinator, to immediately begin discussions with the parties involved about possible humanitarian cease-fire agreements and arrangements in Ukraine.”

Guterres stated that the one-month confrontation between Ukraine and Russia has resulted in the tragic deaths of thousands of people, the displacement of ten million people, the systematic destruction of key infrastructure, and global food and energy prices soaring.

He further said that since this tragedy happened for political resons andwasnt humanitarian. Threfore, it needs a political solution.

In the last month, UN humanitarian agencies and partners have provided food, shelter, blankets, medicine, bottled water, and hygiene supplies to approximately 900,000 people, mostly in eastern Ukraine.