‘Unfortunate’: Rahul Gandhi condemns Kamal Nath’s ‘item’ remark, latter refuses to apologise

20 October, 2020 | Priyanka Sharma

Rahul Gandhi National

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that Kamal Nath is from his party but he doesn't appreciate the kind of language used by him. He further termed his 'item' remark against a woman leader...

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday condemned former Madhya Pradesh chief minister’s remark against a woman leader and said he personally doesn’t appreciate the language Kamal Nath used. “Kamal Nath ji is from my party but personally, I don’t like the type of language that he used…I don’t appreciate it, regardless of who he is. It is unfortunate,” said Gandhi on the former Madhya Pradesh CM’s “item” remark, while addressing a press briefing in Wayanad.

Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath referred to Imarti Devi as an “item” at an election meeting in the Dabra (scheduled caste) assembly constituency in Gwalior district, sparking a controversy.

“Suresh Raje ji hamare ummeedvar hai…yeh uske jaise nah hai…kya hai uska naam … main kya uska naam lun? …apko toh mujhe pehle savdhan karna chahiye tha … yeh kya item hai… (Our candidate is not like her… what’s her name? You know her better and should have warned me earlier… What an item!), Kamal Nath said in Hindi while the crowd called out Imarti Devi’s name.

Soon after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi condemned former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath’s remark on the woman leader, the latter refused to apologise saying he has already clarified the context in which he made that statement.

“It is Rahul Gandhi’s opinion. I have already clarified the context in which I made that statement… Why should I apologise when I did not intend to insult anyone? If anyone felt insulted, I have already expressed regret,” said Nath.