Unrest in Pok: Massive protests break out over rising inflation, lack of commodities

17 January, 2021 | Ojasvi Chauhan

Civil demonstrations in huge concentrations are being carried out throughout Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). The demonstrations are directed against the lack of goods resulting in rapid inflation ...

Given the rising inflation and lack of essential goods, massive civil unrest has emerged in many of the regions of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir or the PoK. People are also protesting against the Pakistan government’s treatment of keeping PoK people deprived of basic commodities. 

Videos and images of people demanding a reduction in the prices of flour from the streets of PoK have been received. Locals revealed that the prices of flour have risen to Rs 500/kg in a month’s time. Locals also said that these protests in PoK had been happening since November but at weren’t as massive. The protests, however, picked pace from the start of this week.

People held protests on Wednesday morning within 100 km from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad in Palandri, Sudhanoti district. Palandri serves as the administrative capital of Sudhanoti district of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Some of the visuals accessed by The Sunday Guardian suggested that such protests were also held in various pockets of Poonch district (PoK) including Hajeera, Azad Pattan, Rawalakot and Mong (Mang).

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Some male protesters were also protesting on the streets in Thaorar, Bagh, Kotli and Trarkhel till Thursday evening. Local sources stated that many of the protestors from Bagh heading towards Poonch have been arrested by the police of Bagh district. People also held demonstrations at Azad Pattan bridge, that connects PoK and Pakistan.

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