UP: “Prior to 2017, govts were ‘mortgaged’ due to casteism, communalism, family politics”

15 February, 2023 | Pragati Singh

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"Governments were mortgaged due to casteism, communalism and family politics." said Yogi.

Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, said on Wednesday that the Global Investors’ Summit (GIS) has only provided a glimpse of the potential that the state has always had, and that prior to 2017, this was not possible because “governments were mortgaged due to casteism, communalism and family politics.”

“For the first time in the history of Uttar Pradesh that investment proposals to the tune of Rs 33.52 lakh crore have come to all 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh through the recently concluded Global Investors Summit,” CM Yogi said. “The youth of the state would no longer have to go elsewhere seeking jobs as these investments would create jobs for them in their own villages,” he added.

Stating that Uttar Pradesh has always been a state of immense potential, Yogi said, “In 1947, the per capita income of UP was better than the national average. But it fell later on to one-third of the national average as those in power committed the sin of dividing the society on the basis of caste, religion and belief. Corruption flourished in the name of family politics and the government was mortgaged. However, we have grown rapidly and have doubled the per capita income and the GDP in the last six years. And I am sure that UP’s per capita income will be ahead of the national average in the next 5 years.”

The Chief Minister stated that the state’s youths have tremendous talent, and that the government will advance its developmental agenda for the state by utilising their talent and energy.

The CM said, “The speciality of Nivesh Mahakumbh is that investment proposals worth more than 33. 52 lakh crore has been received in all 75 districts, including proposals of up to 10 lakh crores in Eastern UP and worth 4.29 lakh crores in Bundelkhand. Earlier, our youths had to migrate from the state to find jobs, but today there are a bundle of opportunities for them within the state itself. They will get jobs near their homes.”

“When the raw materials for the factories, farmers, labourers, materials, bricks, sand, and rebars will all be available here, why would anyone go outside”, he added.

The CM went on to say that UP is very prosperous and that the industry’s anchor unit would be established here.
According to CM Yogi, the state not only has the largest base of MSMEs in the country today, but it has also taken innovative steps such as encouraging traditional enterprise through One District One Product, which was dying before 2017.

He said, “The exports from Moradabad have gone up from Rs 2500 crore before 2017 to Rs 15,000 now because of the government’s steps to include brass items among ODOPs and supplying electricity to the units.”

“Similarly, Bhadohi’s carpet industry had almost died and handloom-power loom artisans were roaming around unemployed. People used to complain about the absence of technology and a level playing field to compete in the international market. We gave technology, design, market and export subsidies. As a result, items worth Rs 6,000 crores are being exported from there. Through the promotion of ODOPs, 1.61 crore youths were linked with employment, CM Yogi remarked.

The CM stated that the government had connected 60 lakh entrepreneurs directly with banks through the PM Mudra Yojana and the CM Yuva Swarozgar Yojana, and that before 2017, the unemployment rate in the state was 19%, but that it had now dropped to around 3%, with every section of UP benefiting.

CM Yogi also expressed his grief over the tragic incident in Kanpur Dehat.
He said, “The incident is sad. A magisterial inquiry has been ordered while the SIT is in action. It is a sensitive matter. We will come to know the complete truth through the report.”