‘Vibe just attracted the tribe’: Manasi Scott on her latest song ‘Kitthe Chali’

23 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

Manasi Scott A List

In the exclusive conversation with NewsX as part of NewsX India A-List, Actor-Singer Manasi Scott spoke about her latest music video 'Kitthe Chali' as well as some of her upcoming projects.

Manasi Scott is a well-known singer and actor. She is one of the most loved voices on fashion show ramps. She recently joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX India A-List. In the exclusive conversation, she spoke to us about her recent award winning performance in ‘Kitthe chali’ music video.

Talking about how the origin of the idea of her recent hit song ‘kitthe chali’ and the kind of response it’s generating, Manasi said “Being half Sardarani Punjabi is like 1st nature to me. Every day I used get up, put make up and do a show on Insta live. It was heart-warming for number of people who connected. At that time, ‘twisted bass’ sent me the basic skeleton of the song. I was sitting, applying lipstick and listening to the track when the idea clicked about ‘Kitthe chali kudiye’. It formed the basis of the song. It started there and when lockdown opened, Gaurav came home to hear it and said keep it, this is the way he wanted the song to be. I felt this is amazing. So the idea is our frustration in lockdown.

Sharing of her upcoming projects she said “I think beside the birth of this beautiful song, it was like a vocal master class for me. There’s lot more coming out with 9XM and many others and hopefully an international project as well.” Moreover, she beautifully hummed few lines of ‘Kitthe chali’ for the audience.

On being asked about her transition from software engineer to a popular singer and actor, she shared “I have to thank 9xm and spotlamp. They made me remember all this from the past because it’s been so long in the business that you don’t think about it. I am not only a software engineer graduate but I topped. I have 70% scholarship to a very elite engineering school in America. My dad has this dream of being a drummer and I was there on every stage singing and winning, though I never learned singing. Born to two super achievers, engineering was the way to go. My father asked me not to waste my life and go into the arts. I think he’s the only father in the country that pusher his daughter from engineering to arts. I own this transition to my dad, fashion industry and people who believed in me.

On being given the option to choose one between singing and acting, she said “For me my first love is musical theatre. It’s about getting a chance to do it right the first time and not get a chance to do it again on 2nd take. I have done a lot of amateur theatre in the early years. For me it’s about performance – singing, dancing and acting all together. For me, just to see that joy, connect and unite with the audience for those few minutes of performance means all.

Talking about the music video of ‘Kitthe chali’, she gave full credit to the choreographer director of the video and her friend for all the looks. She believes “the good look and idea of presentation is half the battle won because by that time you have already believed in the song. Song video success was a result of collective hardworking of a lot of people. I think people just came out of a lockdown and the vibe just attracted the tribe.”

She wrapped her interview on a very positive note. “I hope the rest of the world moves forward in the same way. I think this video has come to life, whichever way it goes, it’s going to be a hit because of people and their energy, kindness and connectivity.”