Vilvah redefines the concept of sustainability and recycle programme in skincare industry

21 October, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Vilvah is a natural skin care brand that consciously takes sustainable measures. It recently launched a recycle program, where a consumer can bring empty containers to their physical stores for dis...

We firmly believe that saving our mother earth is an individual responsibility. Vilvah being a natural skin care brand, we consciously take sustainable measures in every step forward. We decided to go plastic free in the year 2019 and from then our sustainability journey continues. We found that aluminium can be recycled infinite number of times and it has high scrap value. It requires low energy for recycling and of all the aluminium ever produced 75% is still in use today.

Our major sales happen Online so we felt that we need to reduce transit weight. Aluminium fulfilled all our criteria perfectly. The transit damages are very less when compared to glass. At the max, there will be dents in our aluminium bottle but the product will remain intact.

We’re also cautious on minimal packaging thus we don’t have secondary packaging for any of our products. We wanted our packaging to be Simple, Minimalistic and Eco-friendly. We believe that it’s not only a Brand’s responsibility but also a consumer’s responsibility to take care of recycling. We recently launched the Recycle program. We strongly believe that recycle programs are just another marketing stint. People miss out the point of energy consumed during transit and this is simply a huge waste of time and energy. After analysing lots of options, We introduced a Recycle program, where a consumer can bring empty containers to our physical stores for discounts. We strictly do not encourage our consumers to send it through courier as there is no point in it. Aluminium is a high scrap value product and any local scrap dealer will be more than happy to take it so hence our consumers can drop the bottles with them. Either ways, all our aluminium bottles will find a way to a recycle plant.

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We feel happy when Our customers reuse our aluminium bottles and upcycle it into home décor items. Starting from our Formulations, Ingredients, the method of manufacturing, packaging, Shipping, We have shifted towards a sustainable practise. We are infact using recycled paper invoice and paper wraps instead of plastic bubble wrap. We are somewhere near the start of the sustainable journey and we are committed as a brand to reduce unnecessary waste at our end. More than being an Organic and Natural Skincare brand, we are proud about the fact that our products are sustainable.

The earth is all we have in common, let’s save it!