Want to lead as a Social Media Influencer? Nikhil Singh Sumal tells you how.

9 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

Nikhil Singh Sumal Lifestyle & Fashion

The profession has gained enough prominence and many are trying to get hold of its reins by giving it all.

With Social Media becoming a part of our everyday lives, with more people glued to their screens, it has maximum exposure across the digital space, making it the most preferable medium for personal as well as business connections. The amazing experience that it gives has made it a part of everyone’s online life, with a netizen spending maximum of his online hours on various social media platforms. This boosts the rise in opportunities that the digital world offers, paving way for professionals who hold expertise in this field. Now, with many businesses transitioning online, the need for expert hands who have the capabilities to showcase the businesses products or services to a wide audience base also goes up. These professionals who bridge the gap between a product and a consumer are more popularly known as social media influencers, who play a vital part by engaging the audiences and draw their attention towards the brand they are pitching for.

One advantage of them being the person between the brand and the consumer is their tremendous audience pull who love to read, watch and follow what their favourite influencer endorses, says popular influencer and digital marketer Nikhil Singh Sumal, who has been associated with more than 200+ brands from 26 different countries, and helped them turn profitable by establishing their strong digital presence. According to him, this profession carries tremendous potential and if mastered can give fabulous results, catapulting your career skywards. There are a few important aspects connected to being successful in this field, which he has charted out in brief for those who want to pursue this profession as a career.

Identity your target audience: Prioritizing your niche audience is an important requisite, you need to create an interest in the focussed area to reap maximum benefits.

Focus on your strengths: The next step is to identify which area interests you and where your strong points lie. Having enough knowledge about a particular field adds as an advantage and there are high possibilities of your success if the right niche is chosen.

Keep constant engagement: Avoid posting at long intervals, as you need to keep the momentum intact. Regular shares keep you connected with the audiences and helps you stay fresh in their memories. One of the most important points to excel as an influencer.

Create meaningful posts: Your aim should be to get brands on board and that requires impressive followers count and engagement which will get you noticed and get you on with a fruitful collaboration.

These are a few tips which can help you explore and gain expertise as an influencer and clear your path towards a successful career.