“We are going to take the entire journey of development on to new heights- Basavaraj Bommai at ‘The Chief Minister’s Podium’

12 May, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

Bommai talked about the cabinet expansion, and development programmes in Karnataka.

iTv Network hosted Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai for the 7th day of its 20- Day long special series. In the exclusive interaction Bommai talked about the cabinet expansion, and development programmes in Karnataka.

We began the interview by asking CM Basavaraj Bommai about his journey, to which he said ” The journey is challenging. My journey in both administration and politics has been good so far and I have led a very strong foundation for a better administration, better result oriented programmes and we’ve also done absolutely fine in the finances as we have crossed all our targets. So we are in a better position now to do the justice to the people in terms of all social and economic arenas. Not just this, we have come out with some special programs for farmers, the economical weaker sections and the youngsters. So the take off has been very good. We are going to take the entire journey of development on to new heights.”

For our next question, we asked the Karnataka CM about the programmes he has launched for farmers, youngsters and the economically backward sections, to which he said ” I believe economy is not money, economy is people. So my priority is to enable the people to do their economic activity. On the education front we launched a programme called Vidyarthi Nidhi which is for the kids of farmers, weavers and fishermen. Apart from this, we launched a bank specifically for the milk producers, which we called as Sheera Bank with more than Rs 360 Crores of equity. For women, we’ve launched a programme where more that 5 lakh women will be employed, under which they are paid 1.5 lakhs for their sanghas.”

Further, we asked him about his experience as a Chief Minister so far, to which he answered, “For me, this journey is not just becoming a CM, I have worked with 5 chief ministers earlier. I’ve been a political secretary, a general secretary and I’ve worked very closely with them l. So the role of the CM wasn’t that difficult to take up as I had some experience.”

Apart from this, he also explained ” During the floods that struck the state, I visited all the locations and made sure that the crop compensation has increased to double which no other state has done.”

When we asked him about the Cabinet expansion, the CM of Karnataka said, ” The expansion discussion will take place very soon, both J.P Nadda and Amit Shah have done the preliminary discussions. They’ve said that we’ll sit down and have a detailed discussion about it. So whenever they ask us, we’ll do the expansion accordingly.”

From the NewsX Newsroom, he was asked about his stand on the Hindupur situation, to which he replied , “Hindutva is not a new thing for this nation. It is about how Hindutva is a way life. However, there are some sharp reactions whenever there is too much of appeasement. Whenever the parties take one sided approach, then naturally these issues will crop up. But in Karnataka, such issues have been dealt on the basis of rule of the law. And that’s how we are able to solve them amicably and peacefully. “

He was also asked about his take on the national language war, to which he wisely explained ” I feel that there’s no need to tackle. I feel that states have been carved on the basis of linguistic bars, each state has its own language, and in that state it is their mother tongue. Therefore I believe that this is not an issue where you can take a stand.”

Discussing about his viewpoint on the demolition drive in Delhi, he explained ” I feel that removal of illegal structures is very important. It has been made into a huge issue without any reason. If there is any law and order problem, then it should be dealt accordingly.”

Lastly, the interview concluded with a fun Rapid Fire session, to which he enthusiastically answered that his favourite sport is cricket, his favourite holiday destination is Ooty, he prefers tea over coffee, his favourite Kannada filmstar is Dr. Rajkumar, and his favourite food is Jawar Roti.