“Will not affect Opposition unity”: Sanjay Raut on Sharad Pawar’s Adani claim

8 April, 2023 | Pragati Singh

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NCP has backed the demand for a JPC investigation into the charges made by the American short-seller against the Adani Group.

In response to NCP patriarch Sharad Pawar’s explosive statement that there was no need for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into the Hindenburg report on the Adani Group, Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Sanjay Raut said on Saturday that the TMC and NCP have different views on the Adani issue, but this will not affect Opposition unity.

Despite Pawar’s opposing viewpoint, which he expressed in an interview with a television news channel on Friday, the NCP has backed the demand for a JPC investigation into the charges made by the American short-seller against the Adani Group. However, the Trinamool Congress, West Bengal’s ruling party, has not stated its view on the matter.

The NCP president maintained his position in the interview earlier on Saturday, stating that the Supreme Court-appointed committee will be more dependable and neutral in its investigation of the charges contained in the report against the Indian company.

“Sharad Pawar said that the Opposition is demanding a JPC but nothing will come out of it as the chairman of the committee will be from the BJP. The TMC and NCP may hold different opinions on Adani. It will not affect the Opposition unity,” said Raut.

Senior NCP leader and the son-in-law of the party’s patriarch, Ajit Pawar said, “I also watched Pawar Saheb’s interview on TV. He is our top leader and once he has articulated his stand on a subject, we don’t need to comment on it. His stand will also be the party’s position in the matter.”

Ramesh said in a statement, “The NCP may have a divergent view but 19 like-minded Opposition parties are convinced that the PM-linked Adani Group issue is real and very serious.”

“But all 20 like-minded Opposition parties, including the NCP, are united and will be together in saving the Constitution and our democracy from the BJP’s assaults and in defeating the BJP’s divisive and destructive political, social and economic agenda,” he added.

On whether his statement would harm the Opposition unity at a time when major Opposition players are adamant on a JPC into the Adani row, Pawar said, “As far as the Opposition unity is concerned, I do not see the demand for a JPC have anything to do with it. My party has extended support to the JPC demand but I feel that the panel will be dominated by ruling party members. That’s why I am saying that the demand for a JPC probe should not be linked with Opposition unity.”

Reiterating that the probe by the Supreme Court-appointed committee will be reliable, the NCP chief said one should also introspect on the relevance one should give to a “foreign company” and the position it has taken on an “internal matter” of the country.

“I don’t know what Hindenburg is. A foreign company is taking a stand on an internal matter of this country and we should think that how much relevance that company has for us. We should, instead, demand a Supreme court-monitored probe by a committee appointed by it,” said Pawar.

The NCP chief’s comments contradict those of the Congress, which has demanded a JPC investigation into the Hindenburg report on the Adani group.
Several other Opposition parties have joined the call for a JPC investigation.

“….Someone gave a statement, and it created uproar in the country. Such statements were given earlier too, which created a ruckus. But the importance given to the issue this time was out of proportion. There was a need to think about who raised the issue (gave report). We had not heard the name of who gave the statement. What is the background? When such issues are raised, they create uproar in the country, the cost is borne ….how it impacts the economy. We can’t ignore such things, and it seems (it) was targeted,” Pawar told NDTV in an interview.

He stated that the SC-appointed committee has been given parameters and a deadline to deliver its investigation report. He stated that the Opposition, which has been causing a commotion in Parliament in order to argue for a JPC, should recognize that the BJP has a majority in both Houses.

“Today, who has the majority in Parliament? The ruling party. The demand was against the ruling party. The committee to probe against the ruling party will have a majority of members from the ruling party. How will the truth come out, there can be apprehensions. If Supreme Court investigates the matter, where there is no influence, there is a better chance of the truth coming out. And once the SC announced a committee for probing the matter, there was no need of JPC (probe),” he said.