India and Bangladesh Conduct 4th Consular Dialogue

The two sides reaffirmed their commitment to promoting people-to-people exchanges and agreed to convene the next round of the dialogue in Dhaka at a mutually convenient date, as stated in the press release.

The 4th Round of the India-Bangladesh Consular Dialogue took place in New Delhi, with Aman Puri, Joint Secretary (CPV), leading the Indian delegation and Rokebul Haque, Director General (South Asia) from Bangladesh’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, heading the Bangladeshi delegation. This was confirmed by a press release from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Instituted in 2017, the India-Bangladesh Consular Dialogue aims to enhance people-to-people contacts through regular communication on consular, visa, and mutual legal assistance matters between the two nations. This mechanism has been a pivotal platform for addressing and facilitating various consular issues.

During the meeting on Wednesday, both sides engaged in comprehensive discussions on improving coordination and cooperation on consular matters, including visa issues, repatriation, mutual legal assistance treaties (MLAT), and extradition cases. They also concurred on the need to further strengthen the bilateral Revised Travel Arrangement (RTA), which is designed to ease the movement of nationals between the two countries.

The dialogue underscored the commitment of both India and Bangladesh to continue promoting people-to-people exchanges, which are crucial for the robust bilateral relations shared by the two neighboring countries. The discussions highlighted the mutual intent to enhance consular cooperation, ensuring better support and services for the nationals of both countries.

Furthermore, both delegations reiterated their dedication to maintaining and expanding these exchanges and agreed to convene the next round of the dialogue in Dhaka at a mutually convenient date. This commitment reflects the ongoing efforts by both nations to build a stronger, more cooperative relationship through regular and constructive dialogue on consular and related issues.

The 4th Round of the Consular Dialogue thus marks another step forward in the India-Bangladesh relationship, reinforcing their shared goal of fostering closer ties and cooperation in various domains.

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