Iran's Ambassador To India Highlights Significance Of Indian Ocean In Strengthening Bilateral Ties

Highlighting the strong historical and cultural ties between Iran and India, Ambassador Elahi commended the close relationship between the two nations.

In a significant address commemorating Iran Army Day, Iranian Ambassador to India, Iraj Elahi, underscored the crucial role of maritime security in fostering cooperation between Iran and India. The occasion, celebrated in the national capital on Monday, provided a platform for highlighting the shared commitment to safeguarding the Indian Ocean and enhancing mutual collaboration in maritime security efforts.

Emphasizing the Significance of the Indian Ocean

Ambassador Elahi emphasized the role of the Indian Ocean as a vital link connecting two friendly nations, Iran and India. He emphasized that the ocean serves as the foundation for mutual cooperation between the two countries, particularly in ensuring maritime security. This sentiment reflects the longstanding historical and cultural ties that bind Iran and India, making cooperation in maritime affairs a natural extension of their relationship.

Navigating Challenges in a Turbulent World

Against the backdrop of global insecurity and conflict, Ambassador Elahi stressed the importance of maintaining a strong military presence to address emerging threats effectively. He highlighted the evolving dynamics of global power equations, where security concerns often take precedence over ethical and humanitarian considerations. In this context, he emphasized the imperative for robust military capabilities to deter and respond to potential threats, thereby safeguarding human life and promoting stability in the region.

Iran’s Role as a Beacon of Stability

Ambassador Elahi underscored Iran’s commitment to stability and security in the West Asian region, positioning the country as an anchor of stability amidst regional turmoil. He lauded Iran’s independent, self-reliant, and robust armed forces as vital contributors to regional peace and security. Against the backdrop of conflicts in various parts of the world, Iran’s steadfast commitment to stability stands as a testament to its role as a responsible regional actor.

Promoting Peace and Cooperation

Echoing Iran’s longstanding commitment to peace and friendship, Ambassador Elahi reiterated the country’s dedication to promoting peaceful coexistence and cooperation on the global stage. He emphasized Iran’s defensive military doctrine, rooted in the principles of active defense and deterrence, as essential for maintaining peace and security at both national and regional levels. Iran’s message to its neighbors and the world, he stressed, is one of peace, friendship, and security.

Strengthening Bilateral Ties with India

Highlighting the strong historical and cultural ties between Iran and India, Ambassador Elahi commended the close relationship between the two nations. He underscored the importance of historical and cultural bonds in fostering cooperation and collaboration across various domains, including defense and security. The enduring partnership between Iran and India serves as a testament to the shared values and interests that unite the two nations.

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In conclusion, Ambassador Elahi’s remarks on Iran Army Day underscored the importance of maritime security and regional stability in fostering cooperation between Iran and India. As both countries navigate geopolitical challenges and seek to promote peace and security in the region, their partnership remains critical for advancing mutual interests and safeguarding shared values.