Plane MH370 Lost In 2014, Suddenly Found in 2024. Is The Mystery Finally Solved?

An UK based expert claims to have found plane MH370 into the deep jungles of Cambodia by using Google maps.

Drawing parallels from some Hollywood sci-fi show like Manifest, Flight MH370 that mysteriously disappeared from radar screens on March 8, 2014 while flying over the South China Sea, is suddenly claimed to be “found” inside deep Cambodia’s jungle using google maps.

This bizzare and shocking claim has been by an expert, British origin Ian Wilson. On Saturday 25, the British tabloids published the reports based on the comments of Ian’s which he apparently made in 2018. He claimed to have found a plane while scanning satellite imagery on Google Maps.

Daily Mirror, Daily Star, and Daily Record again published his comments, which became one of the top searches on Google. But are his claims true? The UK-based expert claimed that he found remains of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane scattered in a jungle in Cambodia. As quoted in the reports, he said: “Measuring the Google sighting, you’re looking at around 69 metres, but there looks to be a gap between the tail and the back of the plane. It’s just slightly bigger, but there’s a gap that would probably account for that.”

Wilson also said: “I was on there [Google Earth], a few hours here, a few hours there. If you added it up I spent hours searching for places a plane could have gone down. And in the end, as you can see the place where the plane is. It is literally the greenest, darkest part you can see.”

The aircraft was a Malaysian one. And in the history of Malaysia’s aviation incidents this one has been the most intriguing mysteries of modern times. The aircraft, which was headed from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members and all onboard were presumed dead.

Background Check of the “claims”

Wilson’s claims lack support from any official statements. In fact, Newsweek reported last September that it verified the presence and location of a plane in images from Maxar Technologies. These images, dating back to January 1, 2004, show the plane long before MH370 vanished.

While some debris has washed up on an island in the Indian Ocean, authorities have found no other traces of the wreckage, leaving the plane’s fate unknown. However, various conspiracy theories persist.

In March, the Texas-based company Ocean Infinity proposed a new search in the southern Indian Ocean, where the plane is thought to have crashed. They submitted a “no-cure, no-fee” proposal to the Malaysian government, meaning payment is required only if they achieve a positive result.