Protesters Demand Release Of Abducted Journalist Ahmed Farhad Shah At Islamabad Press Club

Expert Urges Adherence to Law Amidst Calls for Release of Abducted Journalist Ahmed Farhad Shah…know more.

Protesters assembled at the Islamabad Press Club to demand the safe release of journalist and writer Ahmed Farhad Shah, who was reportedly abducted. Political figures and social activists joined the demonstration, chanting slogans and announcing plans for a prominent protest in Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir (PoK) to advocate for the freedom of Ahmed Farhad and other political prisoners.

One protester claimed, “We have always fought for our rights through struggle and protest. We peacefully protested in PoJK and achieved what we deserved. We will continue to protest for Farhad and demonstrate our determination.”

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Participants expressed frustration with the prevailing situation in Pakistan, remarking, “There are only oppressors and the oppressed left in Pakistan, and this has persisted for over 70 years. We will not beg for our rights repeatedly. We have raised our voices for essentials like electricity, education, and infrastructure, but nothing has improved.”

The abduction of Ahmed Farhad gained meaningful attention, prompting the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to demand a report from the defence secretary regarding the alleged involvement of state intelligence agencies. Ahmed Farhad was reportedly abducted shortly after the conclusion of protests in Muzafarabad.

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The IHC has taken powerful action, ordering the return of Shah and summoning top federal government officials, including the interior and defence secretaries, to appear before the court. Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani underscored the importance of adherence to the law and cautioned against overreach by intelligence agencies. The court also emphasized the need for responsibility and stressed that the country’s governance should be by the law.