Dilli Ki Yogshala discontinued from Tuesday: Sisodia, blames L-G

1 November, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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L-G didn't approve the continuation of the Dilli Ki Yogshala programme after Oct 31. Officers were given orders to suspend the programme.

Officials from the Delhi government said on Monday that free yoga courses offered in the city’s various neighbourhoods for the last year would end on Tuesday. They added that the L-G had not approved the program’s continuation.

According to sources in the Delhi government, L-G V K Saxena did not approve the continuation of the Dilli Ki Yogshala programme after October 31. As a result, officers were given orders to suspend the programme, even though the Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University, which oversees it, had approved its continuation.

However, representatives from the L-G office said that they had not yet received the paperwork from the government for an extension.

In accordance with the policy, Delhi residents can practise yoga for free when a trainer is present, including in city parks, RWA spaces, and community centres. Each group has at least 25 people, and according to the government, 600 of these groups are currently being trained.

Manish Sisodia, the deputy chief minister, requested an extension of the programme in a letter to the L-G on October 26. “After receiving clearance from Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, I gave the L-G my request to continue Dili ki Yogshala. There hasn’t yet been a decision made. But it has been decided to discontinue offering free classes through police,” Sisodia tweeted.

The Directorate of Training and Technical Education (TTE) secretary received a show-cause notice from Sisodia last week for reportedly attempting to end the programme.

The notice stated, “Despite being aware that the Dilli ki yogshala programme is a flagship project of the Government of NCT, (you) wrongly and forcibly tried to discontinue the “dilli ko yogshala” programme and sabotaged the efforts of the Delhi government to provide yoga classes for the benefit of thousands of Delhiites.

“I have been informed that the programme was discontinued at the Board of Governors’ (BOG) 28th meeting on September 30 at the secretary’s (TTE) urging. I’ve also been told that the secretary took a firm stance against continuing the existing programme, despite the fact that many members of the board of governors wished to do so…,” it added.