NewsX A-List: Dr. Shilpi Mohan Redefines Healthcare with Holistic Healing at Ashvattha Cardiac Care Centre

NewsX A-List brings Dr. Shilpi Mohan who is not just a cardiologist but also a holistic healer and stands as a testament to the transformative power of physical as well as spiritual healing for all.

In a world dominated by conventional healthcare practices, Dr. Shilpi Mohan stands as a beacon of holistic healing and spiritual wellness. Her journey from a physician to a cardiologist to a holistic healer, clairvoyant, and influencer has led her to establish the Ashvattha Cardiac Care Centre, a unique space where physical, spiritual, and psychic healing converge. NewsX A-List had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Shilpi Mohan to know more about her vision for the healthcare system.

Dr. Shilpi Mohan’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that diseases are manifestations of both mental and physical imbalances. She firmly asserts, “It is not just the physical imbalance that we look at. It is both mental and physical imbalance, and we cannot treat the patient by leaving the core issues behind.” With this conviction, she set out to create a healing sanctuary where patients could find a harmonious blend of physical, spiritual, and psychic healing, all under one roof – the Ashvattha Cardiac Care Centre.

When asked about her business strategy, Dr. Shilpi Mohan dismisses the notion of work as mere business, stating, “For me, the work is not business. It is the passion that drives me.” Her focus is on the individuals she encounters, viewing them as divine assignments sent by a higher power. She sees herself as a conduit between the ultimate healer and the healed, striving to fulfill the wishes of the universe.

Dr. Mohan’s journey began as a traditional doctor but soon evolved to include holistic and occult practices. She explains, “Patient used to come to me for treatment, but there were many other shades and layers which they were not able to discuss with me.” Her interest in occult and contemporary healing practices led her to explore these aspects of her patients’ lives. By combining her roles as a cardiologist, yoga trainer, tarot card reader, crystal healer, chakra healer, and psychic healer, she offers a truly holistic approach to healing.

Combining science with occult practices raised skepticism among many, which Dr. Shilpi Mohan acknowledges as a valid concern. “Science is based on scientific research, and occult is not,” she states. Overcoming these doubts required providing comprehensive treatments that merged medical science with spirituality and psychic healing. As patients began experiencing the benefits firsthand, her confidence in this unique approach grew, and so did the trust of her patients.

Dr. Shilpi Mohan believes that a strong and prosperous India hinges on the health of its citizens. She sees her role as pivotal in shifting the focus from illness to wellness. “This is not possible without having a healthy body and a healthy mind,” she declares, acknowledging the role she plays in contributing to India’s emerging strength and superpower status.

In her parting words, Dr. Shilpi Mohan leaves viewers with a poignant message: “Your life is too short. We should shed behind all the stereotypical roles and tags we attach ourselves with.” She encourages everyone to follow unconventional paths that resonate with their hearts and influence those around them positively. Her mantra is clear – embrace the unconventional and live without regrets.

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