NewsX A-List: Rasika Dugal on Her Chicago South Asian Film Festival Journey and Buzz Around 'Mirzapur 3

At the NewsX A-List, Mirzapur” star Rasika Dugal reflected on her experience in Chicago South Asian Film Festival wih Lord Curzon Ki Haveli, and dropped hints about “Mirzapur-3”.

Mirzapur fame actor Rasika Dugal, has garnered acclaim both at home and abroad. In a recent interview with NewsX A-List, Rasika shared her experiences, insights, and reflections on her career, especially her recent achievement at the Chicago South Asian Film Festival where her film, “Lord Curzon Ki Haveli,” was featured as the closing night film. Her journey from indie films to international recognition is a testament to her talent and dedication.

A Triumphant Return to Chicago

Rasika’s return to Chicago for the prestigious Chicago South Asian Film Festival held special significance. She recounted her visit to the city 12 years ago for the Chicago International Film Festival, where her performance in the indie film “Kshay” was met with critical acclaim. The positive reviews during that time provided her with the encouragement she needed to persevere in a challenging industry. It was during this period that she had been working for six years, predominantly in small roles, without much acknowledgment. Chicago became a symbol of validation for her early career.

The Impact of “Mirzapur”

During her recent visit to Chicago, Rasika was pleasantly surprised by the extent of her fan following, with “Mirzapur” emerging as a major highlight. The show’s widespread popularity among diverse audiences, even internationally, demonstrated its universal appeal. Rasika’s portrayal of Beena Tripathi in “Mirzapur” has been widely acclaimed, cementing her status as a versatile actor capable of tackling complex roles.

An East Meets West Moment

One of the fascinating aspects of Rasika’s Chicago trip was her encounter with Richa Moorjani, another Indian actor who has made her mark in international cinema, particularly with her role in “Never Have I Ever.” Rasika and Richa shared a panel at the festival, emphasizing the increasing presence and acceptance of South Asian narratives in Western entertainment. This interaction highlighted the changing dynamics of global recognition for Indian actors, indicating that South Asian narratives have become mainstream in the West.

Globetrotting for Film Festivals:

Rasika’s career has taken her to numerous film festivals around the world. However, she expressed regret at not being able to attend the Melbourne Film Festival, where “Lord Curzon Ki Haveli” was showcased. Despite her absence, Rasika acknowledged the festival’s significance and her desire to participate in such events.

“Lord Curzon Ki Haveli” – A Unique Narrative

The interview shed light on Rasika’s recent film, “Lord Curzon Ki Haveli.” This film stands out for its unconventional storytelling, where five characters are confined to a single room, and the camera never strays from this space. Such a setup places a heavy emphasis on the actors’ performances, a challenge that Rasika eagerly embraced. Working alongside Arjun Mathur, whose improvisational skills impressed her, added to the excitement of the project. Rasika commended director Anshuman Jha for his approach to preparation and workshops, emphasizing the significance of effective preparation tailored to each role.

Rasika: A Bizarre Film with Audience Appeal

“Lord Curzon Ki Haveli” is described as a bizarre film, and Rasika is eager to gauge the audience’s response to its unique narrative. The film’s recent screening at the festival provided her with an opportunity to witness firsthand how viewers react to its unconventional storytelling. She reflected on the evolving perception of Indian films and actors abroad. With streaming services expanding the reach of Indian content globally, she noted an increase in recognition for her work. However, she emphasized that the festival circuit has always appreciated diverse forms of filmmaking, attracting discerning audiences who celebrate creativity in storytelling.

Dropping Hint on 3rd Installment of Mirzapur

Answering a question about her upcoming projects, Rasika Dugal dropped a tantalizing hint about the highly anticipated “Mirzapur-3.” As a beloved character in the “Mirzapur” series, Rasika’s portrayal of Beena Tripathi has been a standout in the series, and her tease of the third season only adds to the anticipation surrounding the show’s upcoming season.

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