What Is A Golden Visa? Rajinikanth Gets Honoured With One, Here's The Benefits Superstar Will Enjoy

Introduced by the UAE government in 2019, the Golden Visa offers foreign individuals the opportunity to reside, work, and study in the country without requiring a national sponsor. Read on to know what exactly is a golden visa

Superstar Rajinikanth has been honoured with a golden visa by the UAE’s Department of Culture and Tourism. During his recent visit to Abu Dhabi, the actor expressed gratitude to the government and MA Yusuff Ali, the chairman and managing director of Lulu Group, for the honour and hospitality.

The Golden Visa was presented to Rajinikanth by Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and Chairman of the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT), Government of Abu Dhabi, in the presence of Yusuff.

Trade analyst Ramesh Bala took to X (formerly Twitter) shared a picture of Rajinikanth receiving his visa, writing, “UAE Culture and Tourism Department grants #GoldenVisa to #Superstar.”

Rajinikanth also shared a video saying, “I am deeply honoured to receive the prestigious UAE Golden visa from Abu Dhabi Govt. My heartfelt thanks to the Abu Dhabi govt. and also to my good friend Mr Yusuff Ali, CMD of Lulu Group, for facilitating this visa and for all the support.”

What Is A Golden Visa?

Introduced by the UAE government in 2019, the Golden Visa allows foreign individuals to live, work, and study in the country without the need for a national sponsor.

It also provides them with full ownership of their businesses on the UAE mainland. The visa’s duration ranges from 5 to 10 years and is automatically renewable. It is available to various categories, including investors, entrepreneurs, exceptional talents, researchers in various fields of technology and knowledge, and outstanding students.

This initiative aims to attract and retain individuals who can significantly contribute to the UAE’s growth and development.

Applicants for the Golden Visa must be over 18 years old, have a clean criminal record, and possess sufficient funds for the required investment. Additionally, there are golden passports, officially known as citizenship by investment programs, which allow foreigners to obtain citizenship through similar means.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Golden Visa?

Long-term residency: The Golden Visa allows individuals to reside in the UAE for extended periods, typically 5 or 10 years.

Work privileges: Golden Visa holders can work in the UAE without needing a separate work permit or employment contract, providing flexibility for professionals and entrepreneurs.

No sponsorship required: Unlike traditional UAE residency visas, the Golden Visa does not require an Emirati sponsor or local employer, granting individuals more autonomy and independence.

Access to services: Golden Visa holders and their families can access various government services, including healthcare, education, and utilities, on par with UAE citizens.

Residency for dependents: The Golden Visa extends to the primary holder’s spouse and dependent children, offering family reunification benefits.


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Business opportunities: For investors and entrepreneurs, the Golden Visa offers opportunities to establish and expand businesses in the UAE, supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.

Global mobility: UAE residents, including Golden Visa holders, enjoy excellent international flight connections through major airports in the UAE, facilitating travel and business networking.

Tax benefits: The UAE’s favorable tax environment includes no personal income tax or capital gains tax, allowing Golden Visa holders to benefit from significant financial savings.

Real estate investment: The Golden Visa attracts real estate investors, enabling them to invest in Dubai’s property market and other sectors, providing avenues for capital growth and rental income.

Education opportunities: Golden Visa holders can enroll their children in UAE schools and universities, granting access to high-quality education institutions.

Retirement: The Golden Visa provides a retirement option in this vibrant and diverse country.

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