Wealthy Nivesh Hosts Exclusive Investors Meet-up with Mutual Fund Managers

Wealthy Nivesh is a boutique Wealth Management firm founded and managed by alumni of prestigious institutions, including IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, and ISB.

Wealthy Nivesh, the distinguished boutique Wealth Management firm founded by alumni of prestigious institutions such as IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, and ISB, has successfully conducted exclusive meet-ups with prominent figures in the wealth management industry for its discerning clientele.

The first of these exclusive gatherings took place at the esteemed headquarters of Kotak Asset Management, located in the heart of the Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC). The event featured Ms. Shibani Sircar Kurian, Senior Executive Vice President, Head Equity Research & Fund Manager at Kotak Asset Management. During the session, Ms. Sircar shared her insights on the market outlook, delving into three crucial aspects: Macro indicators, Corporate Earnings, and Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) Flows. Notably, she highlighted the positive trends in macroeconomic indicators, controlled inflation rates, and exceptional corporate earnings growth over the past three years.

India’s attractiveness as an investment destination was underscored by the influx of over 1 lakh crore rupees in FII investments throughout the calendar year. The market’s remarkable positive trajectory over the last six months was discussed, with valuations currently situated above the neutral zone.

Ms. Sircar emphasized the importance of adhering to established asset allocation strategies, as the market’s valuations are well-supported by solid fundamentals. While a degree of profit booking may lead to some consolidation in market levels, there is no substantial case for significant downside.

The second meetup was conducted at Wealthy Nivesh’s office with Mr. Amit Nigam, Senior Fund Manager at Invesco. Mr. Nigam shared his comprehensive insights into both global and domestic market outlooks. He highlighted India’s superior macroeconomic conditions compared to the rest of the world, attributing this strength, in part, to the weakening Chinese economy.

Despite trading above the neutral zone, the Indian market remains reasonably priced when juxtaposed with global counterparts. Regarding inflation, Mr. Nigam expressed limited concerns, attributing recent increases primarily to transient factors, particularly food prices. In terms of market themes, he pointed to value as the outperformer over the past year, with expectations for this trend to persist for the next two quarters before giving way to growth as the rate-cut cycle commences.

Ankit Garg, Managing Partner of Wealthy Nivesh, underscored the significance of these meet-ups as part of the firm’s ongoing commitment to empower clients with invaluable market knowledge. These events offer clients an invaluable opportunity to engage with industry veterans, allowing for discussions about portfolio realignment when market conditions warrant.

Mr. Garg stated, “Such events help clients to develop more confidence about their own portfolios and see if market conditions call for some realignment in their asset allocation. It is our constant endeavor to bring the best of expertise and technology to the wealth management of our UHNI clients.”

Wealthy Nivesh has also recently celebrated a significant milestone by achieving 150 crores worth of Assets Under Management (AUM). Industry luminaries such as Mr. Chintan Haria, Chief of Investment Strategy at ICICI Mutual Fund, and the Chief of Investment – Equity at Baroda BNP Paribas Mutual Fund, among several senior fund managers, graced the event as distinguished speakers.

About Wealthy Nivesh:

Wealthy Nivesh is a boutique Wealth Management firm founded and managed by alumni of prestigious institutions, including IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, and ISB. With a relentless commitment to delivering the best market knowledge and personalized financial solutions, Wealthy Nivesh caters to the unique needs of its Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNI) clients. The firm has recently achieved a significant milestone by managing 150 crores worth of Assets Under Management (AUM), a testament to its unwavering dedication to excellence in wealth management.

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