Jay Shetty Exposed ? British-Indian 'Monk' Accused of Selling Fake Life Story

Jay Shetty has recently come under scrutiny following allegations of fabricating aspects of his life story and plagiarizing earlier social media posts. Journalist John McDermott’s article in The Guardian sheds light on inconsistencies in Shetty’s narrative, particularly regarding a transformative spiritual awakening during his time in business school and subsequent studies at an Indian ashram.

Jay Shetty is a renowned life coach and a popular personality for his impressive work in the field of personal development and spiritual enlightenment. Jay gained massive popularity in the year 2016 when he started sharing inspirational videos through his social media.  Jay Shetty was born and raised in London to an Indian Hindu family and has garnered global recognition as a bestselling author, podcast host, and Chief Purpose Officer of Calm. His ability to blend ancient wisdom with practical advice has earned him a vast following of over 50 million on social media. Jay’s book “Think Like a Monk” is among the best sellers worldwide. Jay is also the host of World’s No. 1 Mental Health Podcast “On Purpose The Worlds” where he has featured conversations with notable figures from all around the world like Michelle Obama, Will Smith, Matt Damon, and Gwyneth Paltrow. However, recently the reason for him being in the headlines is a controversy surrounding him, as allegations suggest he fabricated aspects of his life story and plagiarized his earlier social media posts.

Why Jay Shetty is alleged of faking his life story 

Journalist John McDermott Published an article in The Guardian, that claims on Jay Shetty’s assertions regarding a life-altering spiritual awakening during his time in business school and his subsequent years of study at an Indian ashram. The report highlights  Inconsistencies in Shetty’s Story.

Jay Shetty’s captivating life story is often shared on talk shows and in his bestselling books, But it has come under scrutiny by journalist John McDermott. when he was commissioned to craft a profile for Esquire but when he dived deep into Shetty’s life story,  he discovered a series of irregularities that painted a different picture from the one Jay had presented to the public. Published in The Guardian, McDermott’s meticulously researched article reveals a narrative filled with inconsistencies, challenging the story shared by Shetty of his remarkable journey.

What are the Inconsistencies in Jay Shetty’s Story as per the article?

Shetty claims a major spiritual awakening during business school after attending a talk by Gauranga Das, a monk, followed by three years of study at an Indian ashram. However, McDermott discovered discrepancies, particularly in Shetty’s age during these events, ranging from 18 to 22. While some acquaintances confirm Shetty’s trip to India, they dispute the duration. Some assert he spent most of his time at an estate near London rather than in Mumbai, contradicting Shetty’s claims. Additionally, Shetty’s purported disconnection from society during his monk stint is contested, with claims he spent much of this time filming YouTube videos in London. Apart from this Shetty has been reticent about his education within the Hare Krishna movement, likely due to its controversial history, including allegations of abuse.

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Issues with Jay Shetty’s School Certification

McDermott discovered problems with the Jay Shetty Certification School, a self-help course charging $7,400 per term. Despite claims of accreditation, McDermott found discrepancies regarding Ofqual’s involvement and the school’s certification.

Plagiarism Allegations on Jay Shetty

Now Accusations of plagiarism have surfaced once again against Jay Shetty. Creators are claiming that he reposted their content on Instagram without permission or compensation. Jay Shetty has been accused of deleting more than 100 posts in the year 2019 after YouTuber Nicol Arbour shared a video on her channel exposing the original sources. Many of Shetty’s social media videos were based on viral content

Amid increasing allegations, Jay Shetty has maintained a conspicuous silence on the matter. Despite the growing scrutiny surrounding his claims and background, Shetty has refrained from providing any response or clarification on the matter. His decision to remain silent on mounting controversy adds a layer of intrigue to his public persona.