Former Aide Alleges Ashok Gehlot Instructed Him To Release Union Minister's Audio Clip

Sharma concluded by accusing Gehlot’s administration of rampant corruption during the Covid-19 pandemic, citing irregularities in equipment procurement and various scams.

Former aide accuses ex-Rajasthan CM of involvement in phone tapping and corruption

In a startling revelation, Lokesh Sharma, a former officer on special duty (OSD) to Ashok Gehlot, the former Chief Minister of Rajasthan, has alleged Gehlot’s direct involvement in the illegal phone tapping of ministers and leaders. Sharma, who was questioned in connection with the illegal phone tapping case, has leveled serious accusations against Gehlot, claiming that he was provided with audio recordings of cabinet ministers by the former Chief Minister himself and instructed to release them to the media.

Speaking at a press conference in Jaipur, Sharma claimed, “Ashok Gehlot had given me the audio clips of Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Congress leader Bhanwarlal Sharma, and Sanjay Jain in a pen drive, and I was asked to release it to the media.” He further alleged that phones of Sachin Pilot and his associates were tapped when they were planning to approach the Congress high command regarding issues with Gehlot’s leadership.

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Sharma also played a purported recording of a conversation with Gehlot, where the former Chief Minister inquired about the status of the phone recordings. In response, Sharma indicated that he had misled the media by claiming to have received the recordings through social media.

Furthermore, Sharma accused Gehlot of attempting to sabotage Sachin Pilot’s chances of becoming the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, stating, “It is the stubbornness of Ashok Gehlot who thinks that no one other than him should become Chief Minister of the state.” He also alleged corruption during Gehlot’s tenure, citing instances such as scams in equipment procurement during the Covid-19 pandemic, a mining scam, and irregularities in various government schemes.

Sharma emphasized his readiness to share evidence with the current government, urging the public to recognize the alleged duplicity of the former administration. These revelations have stirred significant controversy, shedding light on the murky world of politics and power struggles within the state.