Former PM HD Deve Gowda Criticizes Congress Manifesto, Questions Feasibility of Promises

At the heart of Gowda’s criticism lies the ambitious promises outlined in the Congress manifesto, particularly the pledge to create 30 lakh new central government jobs

In a charged press conference held in Hassan, H. D. Deve Gowda, the former Prime Minister of India and a prominent political figure, launched a scathing critique of the Congress party’s election manifesto, labeling it as impractical and aimed at turning the country upside down. Gowda, who presently serves as a Member of Parliament representing Karnataka in the Rajya Sabha, voiced his concerns during a press conference held in Hassan.

The former PM also took to his Social media handle on X and released the statements that he made earlier in the press conference. “This is the statement I released this morning at a press conference in Hassan. This is my opinion on the #WealthRedistribution debate. The Congress party I feel has insulted its own two former Prime Ministers, Shri PV Narasimha Rao and Dr. Manmohan Singh.” his tweet read.

At the heart of Gowda’s criticism lies the ambitious promises outlined in the Congress manifesto, particularly the pledge to create 30 lakh new central government jobs. During the press conference, Deve Gowda highlighted several concerns regarding the practicality and implications of the Congress party’s manifesto commitments. His statements reflected deep skepticism about the economic feasibility of the proposals and their potential impact on India’s governance and economy.  Gowda emphasized that the total sanctioned government jobs stand at only 40 lakh, raising doubts about how such a substantial increase could be implemented overnight.

“Rahul Gandhi wants to give 30 lakh new central government jobs. I have run this country. There are only 40 lakh sanctioned jobs. How can he overnight add 30 lakh more jobs? How much will he pay these people? Where will he employ them? Will he make them lift operators in government offices in four shifts? Only someone with no practical knowledge can speak like this,” Gowda remarked.

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Gowda also raised questions about the economic rationale behind these proposals, particularly targeting P Chidambaram, the chairman of the Congress manifesto committee. By questioning whether Chidambaram endorsed Rahul Gandhi’s economic ideas, Deve Gowda implied a rift within the Congress leadership over policy decisions and economic strategy.”P Chidambaram was the manifesto committee chairman. Does he agree with Rahul Gandhi’s immature economic ideas?” Gowda queried, highlighting concerns over the coherence and viability of the Congress’s economic agenda.

Furthermore, Gowda took offense at what he perceived was an insult to two former Congress Prime Ministers, PV Narasimha Rao and Dr. Manmohan Singh, who championed market reforms and contributed to the nation’s economic growth, when Congress proposed ideas of wealth redistribution and criticizing market-oriented economic reforms. Deve Gowda likened these proposals to tactics employed by Maoist leaders and revolutionary movements, suggesting that they were impractical and could undermine the economic progress achieved by previous Congress governments. He accused Rahul Gandhi of indirectly discrediting the economic policies implemented by these leaders.

“By speaking of wealth redistribution, Rahul Gandhi has insulted and humiliated two Congress Prime Ministers who brought market reforms and increased the wealth of this nation,” Gowda asserted. He drew parallels between the proposed wealth redistribution and Maoist ideology, suggesting that Gandhi’s ideas bordered on revolutionary tactics.

Deve Gowda’s critique comes amidst a broader political discourse surrounding the Congress party’s manifesto, with the BJP alleging that Congress intends to redistribute wealth if it assumes power.  The Congress, on the other hand, has clarified that its manifesto focuses on comprehensive social and economic assessments, emphasizing a nuanced approach to governance and development.The Congress, on its part, has clarified that its manifesto emphasizes a socioeconomic caste census rather than advocating for wealth redistribution.

Gowda’s Janata Dal (Secular) party is actively contesting the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in Karnataka in alliance with the BJP, underscoring the significance of his remarks in the context of electoral politics. As the election campaign intensifies, Gowda’s commentary sheds light on the ideological differences and policy debates that define the current political landscape in India.

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