UK Prime Minister Sunak Makes a Big Vow of Producing 100K High Paying Jobs if Restored to Power

In the flurry of promises and policies, Rishi has made a big vow to produce 100k high scale jobs..Read the full article to know more about..

Ministers and their row of pledges in the aim to win people’s heart and elections are almost same in every country. In a new day, UK’s prime minister Rishi Sunak of the conservative party made a poll promise that he will produce 100k ( hundred thousand) jobs if restored to power.

He said, that he is going to achieve this aim by scrapping those degrees that have high dropout rates in the college.
The party said that the amount of creating 100k jobs would 885 millions pounds by the end of the next parliament tenure that’s in 2029.

The govt. plans to fund the policy by scrapping country’s worst performing university degrees. which the party said would sabe them 910 million pounds.

This policy pledge comes after speculation ahead of the election being called that the government was considering plans to restrict the graduate visa route in a bid to curb rising migration into the UK.

The latest pledge comes after the party has also pledged to cut taxes for pensioners and also introducer mandatory national service for 18 year olds.

Opposition’s reaction –

Sir Keir Starmer’s of the labour party called the policy “laughable” and argued the Tories had “presided over a halving of apprenticeships for young people”

Sunak’s reply –

The Prime Minister said: “Improving education is the closest thing we have to a silver bullet for boosting life chances. So it’s not fair that some university courses are ripping young people off.

“Thanks to our plan, apprenticeships are much higher quality than they were under Labour.

“And now we will create 100,000 more, by putting an end to rip-off degrees and offering our young people the employment opportunities and financial security they need to thrive.”

Sunak promised 100,000 extra apprenticeship places would be created within five years, under new funding, and said he would give England’s universities watchdog, the Office for Students (OFS) new powers to shut down courses deemed as underperforming.

An additional 5.8m apprenticeships have been delivered under Conservative governments since 2010, with 340,000 starting in 2022/23, the Tories said.

But Labour pointed out apprenticeship achievements among under-19s are down 50 per cent since 2015/16, and starts have dropped by at least 30 per cent in every English region.