Cabinet Portfolio Announcement Updates: Dharmendra Pradhan Takes Charge as Education Minister in Modi 3.0 Cabinet

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has been designated as the Minister of Education for Modi 3.0 Cabinet.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a recent declaration, revealed the portfolio assignments for the Modi 3.0 government, with numerous key ministers retaining their respective roles. Amit Shah maintains his position as the Minister of Home Affairs, while Rajnath Singh continues to oversee the Ministry of Defence. Nitin Gadkari retains his responsibility for the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Additionally, Dharmendra Pradhan has been designated as the Minister of Education. The swearing-in ceremony took place during Prime Minister Modi’s event, drawing the interest of prominent individuals, including foreign dignitaries, on Sunday evening at 7:15 PM.

Pradhan emerged triumphant in Sambalpur, representing a significant win for him in the parliamentary constituency of western Odisha after a gap of 15 years from electoral engagements. Dharmendra Pradhan stands prominently as a leading BJP figure in the state.

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Key Achievements

During his tenure as the Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas of India, Shri Pradhan spearheaded several progressive reforms and initiatives. One of his notable achievements was the implementation of consumer-centric programs such as PAHAL, recognized as the world’s largest Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme, and the #GiveItUp campaign. This campaign, strongly backed by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, encouraged affluent citizens to voluntarily surrender their LPG subsidy for the benefit of the needy, garnering support from approximately 10 million consumers.

In a bid to provide clean fuel to rural India, Pradhan championed the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, which facilitated the distribution of over 80 million LPG connections to women from Below Poverty Line (BPL) families.

Pradhan’s stewardship also witnessed significant decisions in the hydrocarbon sector. With the support of the Union Cabinet, he introduced the Hydrocarbon Exploration & Licensing Policy (HELP), which streamlined the licensing process for exploration and production of hydrocarbons, fostering substantial investment and employment generation in the sector.

Furthermore, Pradhan prioritized energy transition efforts by promoting gas as a bridge fuel, encouraging the adoption of ethanol, CBG, and biodiesel, and implementing initiatives like the SATAT scheme. His endeavours extended to facilitating the use of hydrogen-blended CNG buses in Delhi and promoting LNG stations for long-haul trucks, among other initiatives aimed at sustainable energy solutions.

In his previous role as the Minister for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (2017-19), Shri Pradhan launched numerous initiatives focusing on skilling, reskilling, and upskilling India’s workforce. His emphasis on bridging the skills gap and empowering the Indian youth underscored his commitment to fostering a skilled and employable workforce.

Awards And Accolades

In recognition of his significant contributions to society and the party, Pradhan has been honoured with several accolades, including the prestigious ‘Best Legislator Award’, the Utkalmani Gopabandhu Pratibha Samman in 2002-03, and the esteemed Odisha Citizens’ Award in 2013. These awards stand as a testament to his unwavering dedication and exemplary service to the people of Odisha and the nation as a whole.

Early Life And Political Career

Dharmendra Pradhan’s political odyssey is as diverse and vibrant as the land from which he hails. Born on June 26th, 1969, in the heart of Talcher, Odisha, Pradhan’s roots run deep into the rich cultural tapestry of the state. His father, Debendra Pradhan, held a prestigious position as Minister of State in the Vajpayee government from 1999 to 2004.

A post-graduate in Anthropology from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Shri Pradhan has been a fervent advocate for youth-related issues, ranging from unemployment to the lack of skill-based education. His commitment extends to concerns such as the rehabilitation and resettlement of farmers, reflecting his deep-rooted concern for the welfare of communities.

Shri Pradhan’s journey into public service began in 1983 when he joined the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) as an activist. His dedication saw him rise to the position of Secretary within the organization. Over the years, he has played pivotal roles within the ABVP, serving as an election in-charge in Bihar and overseeing party affairs in various states including Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, and his home state of Odisha.