Inspired By Chanel’s Cotton Viscose, Ananya Panday’s ‘Call Me Bae’ Poster Outfit Will Make The Boys Go Weak In Their Knees

Ananya announced on her Instagram that her series will be released on the OTT platform of Amazon Prime Videos on the 6th of September. Read on to know the details

Ananya Panday’s latest series poster “Call Me Bae” is finally out. Since all the girlies might be excited to know what is she wearing? Let us break down the outfit for you. The 25-year-old actress is wearing a beige\off-white outfit with blue and red lined designs. It is to be a two-piece outfit- a skirt, and a blazer top.

The blazer has golden-colored chains attached to its edges. With that, we can focus on the hands which goes from full hands to a slightly open design on the wrist. The pencil skirt follows the same pattern as the blazer which is to a thigh length.

To match with the outfit goes a vibrant red sling bag. The sling is again of golden-colored chains to go with the blazer and also has a red belt. The bag has a golden rectangle in the middle with a small belt holding it and a cushion pattern. Since the entire outfit is based on the color scheme of red, the heels match the handbag. She is wearing a beautiful, pointed-toe sling-back stiletto.

To elevate this look certain accessories are added. To start with, there is a satin-silk scarf which is wrapped with a big bow tie around the inner side of the collar.  Large golden earrings are added to the look. It has a big hollow heart design with dangling crosses and circles. The Bollywood diva is wearing a dark nail shade of blue scheme to contrast the outfit but not to outmatch the blue lines detailed in it.

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The outfit might be inspired by Chanel’s Cotton Viscose. Fans saw this is an indirect copy of Emily in Paris and some also mentioned “Emily in Prayagraj” Few appreciated the look by saying “Devil Wears Prada”. The series might also be an inspiration from 2 Broke Girls starring Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs.

Overall, the outfit is very chic and Ananya being herself is the #fashionista. In the background, we see the sky with the lightest blue color. To the farthest, we see a few top-rising, and she is sitting on a suitcase with a charm showing that the main character ‘Bae’ goes from “Heiress to Hustler”.

“Call Me Bae” tells the story of Bae, a young woman who is downsized from heiress to hustler after a scandal. She learns that her most valuable assets are not her diamonds, but her street smarts and style. Broke but refusing to be broken, she navigates the newsrooms of Mumbai, finding beaus, sisterhood, and her better self.

Ananya announced on her Instagram that her series will be released on the OTT platform of Amazon Prime Videos on the 6th of September.

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