Eshraq Unveils New Investment Strategy In Dubai

Eshraq Investments Unveils Refreshed Investment Strategy, Anticipates Acquisitions…read more to know.

Abu Dhabi’s Eshraq revealed its new investment strategy in Dubai, UAE. Eshraq Investments declared the launch of its updated corporate strategy. Over the next five years, Eshraq planned to develop direct private equity abilities and exposure, with accessions expected as early as 2024, while also transitioning legacy portfolio assets.

Under the refreshed strategy, Eshraq aspired to take control of its destiny by focusing on directly held private equity investments. These would be complemented by cash generation from minority equity positions, fixed-income assets, and real estate to balance the portfolio and assure consistency in earnings.

The Board of Directors had instructed Eshraq’s management to commence the implementation of the strategy immediately.

Fahad Al Qassim, Chairman of Eshraq, expressed his pleasure, commenting, “We are pleased to unveil Eshraq’s long-term strategy for growth and shareholder value creation. We aimed to become a leading GCC investment company focused on direct Private Equity exposure, with a portfolio complemented by investments in income-generating assets.”

“On the successful execution of our strategy, we expected our investment proposition to be characterized by a well-diversified portfolio in growing sectors across the GCC,” he added, “enabled by a strong balance sheet that offered significant headroom to invest in new and existing assets, driven by a highly experienced Board following the recent appointment of new members in 2023, and a management team who were ideally suited to sourcing and executing high-quality investment opportunities.”

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Mohamed Al Hashimi, Chief Executive Officer of Eshraq, enthusiastically stated, “All at Eshraq were excited to be launching our new strategy, through which we were taking control of our destiny. Today marked the first step in a long-term strategic shift.”

Eshraq would prioritize direct private equity investments as its core business, aiming for prospects with high growth potential to create long-term value. The focus would be on efficient sourcing and screening of potential deals to ensure high quality, steady deal flow, and the strategic deployment of capital.

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Eshraq’s geographical focus would remain unchanged, with investments centred on the UAE and the wider GCC province, a highly attractive market with strong structural growth drivers.