Seat Dispute Sparks Violent Altercation On EVA Air, Watch Viral Video

Passengers on EVA Air fought over a seat, leading to a physical volience during a flight from Taiwan to California….read more to know.

In a surprising  incident a videotape has been circulating on internet, showcasing two passengers of  EVA Air flight buzzing into the rukus over a seat. The fligt EVA was scheduled from Taiwan to California. As per, the foreign media report, the incident happened on Tuesday (May 7), just a few hours into the long 11.5-hour journey.

The Fight

It all started when one passenger (A) wanted to switch seats because their neighbour passenger was continuesly coughing, and so the passenger (A) decided to shift to another seat for the same. But here’s the twist, when the original occupant passenger (B) returned he saw that a passenger (A)  is seated on his seat. Getting furious the passenger (B) tried to hit the person who had taken HIS seat.

In the video shared on X, flight attendants can be seen trying to settle the situation and resolved the two passengers. However, one crew member accidentally hits elbowed on one of the crew member’s head. In the background, passengers were screaming as the two men continue to fight in the flight. Eventually, other passengers step in to help the crew clam the fight.

After the crew managed to calm situation, the two men were kept apart for the rest of the flight. they were handed over to the police, in San Francisco, when the plane landed. The video goes viral on internet, with higher viewership. In the comments section, users praised the crew members,”Hats off to the flight attendants’ professionalism and quick intervention. Wonder if any punishment was handed to these passengers?”

Another user wrote,”When this happens, would aircrew accept assistance from a trained person to restrain any violent customers? Always see grown men more interested in recording cabin crew being swamped by violent males who can’t handle their alcohol.”

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