Triton electric vehicle model N4 Sedan launched at Rs 35 lakhs

Triton Electric Vehicle LLC has announced the launch of the Triton Model N4 Sedan. Starting today, the Triton Electric Vehicle’s Model N4 will be available for pre-booking to the Indian customers on the company’s website

Triton Electric Vehicle LLC, headquartered In Cherry Hill, New Jersey-USA has announced the launch of the Triton Model N4 sedan. Triton Electric Vehicle LLC is an electric automotive manufacturer aimed at bringing technological advancements to the world of electric vehicles and clean energy solutions.

Triton Electric Vehicle’s Model N4 sedan is going to be available in 4 different variants; the N4, N4-S, N4-R and the high-performance limited edition N4-GT of which only 100 units will be produced. The Model N4 is powered by a 75 KWh / battery giving it a range of up to 325 miles / 523km & 100 kwh battery 430 Miles/ kw696 Km; with upgrades available for higher variants. The interior and exterior design of the Model N4 will be the perfect amalgamation of state-of-the-art technology and comfort providing premium driving experience to its customers. The base model will be priced at Rs 35 lakhs thus, showing the amount of market research that has been put by the company to cater the requirements of the Indian market.

Starting from today, the Triton Electric Vehicle’s Model N4 will be available for pre-booking to the Indian customers on the company website The Company is receiving great response from social media for its prototype of the Model N4. While thanking the EV and clean energy enthusiasts, Himanshu B Patel, Founder and CEO of Triton Electric Vehicles stated, “I want to thank all our critics and supporters on social media for their exponential support, participation and constructive feedback. As we are heading towards a new era of commitment towards our environment, EVs are going to make a definitive contribution in building a future ready society. We aim to make our sincere contribution towards ensuring a future ready society with environmentally friendly clean energy practices.”

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The company is also in advance stage of deliberations with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and there would be a potential joint venture between the two companies for the manufacturing of Batteries and Electronics Systems for Energy Storage System and EVs.

Opportunity for Indian Small & Medium Businesses

For Triton Electric Vehicle LLC, India is one of the top three markets and thus, the company has strong plans for expanding in the Indian market. This expansion will be in the area of setting up a manufacturing base as well as developing a strong customer base for various models of Triton Electric Vehicles’. “Right now, we are seeking proactive partners who are willing to join us in our journey to capture the most lucrative EV market. We are open to establish local dealerships who are keen to enter into Triton EV retail with service and support to the customers,” Himanshu B. Patel stated.

In addition to this, the entire manufacturing base of Triton EV will also bring a great opportunity for small businesses and MSMEs. The company has robust plans for the Indian market. From setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure to creating a strong EV auto manufacturing business ecosystem that will benefit the SMEs who are in the business of automotive components.

Exclusive Features of Triton EV

With the backing of the company’s extensive market research Mr. Patel commented “We understand Indian roads and we also understand the trends that are influencing the Indian auto market. For EVs, the traffic congestion on Indian roads must be handled carefully as it may affect the performance of the vehicle. Hence, we have designed a dynamic energy distribution system that will allow the vehicle to deal with traffic congestions with efficiency.”

In terms of exclusive features of the Triton Electric Vehicle N4 Sedan, the high efficiency rooftop solar panel placement and the feature of energy routing as per the typical driving needs of the vehicle on Indian roads will be a game changer according to CEO Himanshu B. Patel.

The basic idea behind using Solar Panel on the roof is to take advantage of solar power in conditions where the car is not in motion and the power is only required for the working of the on-board systems thereby reducing the dependency on the battery. This can further increase the mileage on the vehicle by another 40 Miles*.
The solar power can also be used to charge the battery further reducing the need to charge them using conventional sources, thereby reducing the cost of charging to the customer as well as the carbon footprint the car produces. By our estimates, solar power can reduce 10%* of the load from the battery by rerouting the power from the battery to the solar panel using the Power Distribution Unit.

Triton Electric Vehicle LLC introduces a whole new proprietary technology called Power Home Link which is aimed at reducing the cost of electric utility incurred to the customer. The technology brings back the power from the vehicle into the houses during peak hours and charges the vehicle during off-peak hours thus reducing the pressure on the national grid as well.

About Triton EV

Triton-EV is the revolutionary new subsidiary of Triton Solar (, a leader in solar panel and battery engineering. Triton Solar’s mission is to “make energy storage more reliable, more affordable, and more applicable.” Triton Solar and Triton-EV are committed to engineering a revolutionary new global energy structure and are working closely with partner nations to accomplish this goal.

They are car enthusiasts who design and build our products for other car enthusiasts. This combination of technical skills and industry passion has allowed us to develop the best vehicle in the long-range electric sector, with world-class functionalities & safety features. All of their vehicles will made in the USA.

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