Inheritance Tax Row: PM Modi Take A Jibe At Congress

In an election campaign event in Morena, Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress……….

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his campaign rally in Morena, Madhya Pradesh, didn’t hold back in criticizing the Congress, especially on the contentious issues like inheritance tax and alleged plans to redistribute wealth. His remarks came just before the Election Commission took a notable step in Delhi, issuing notices to both BJP and Congress leaders regarding complaints of hate speech and violations of the Model Code.

Although the notices didn’t directly name PM Modi or Rahul Gandhi, they did attach copies of the complaints and emphasized the responsibility of party leaders to ensure a higher standard of discourse among their star campaigners.

Modi, addressing the crowd in Morena, accused the Congress of seeking to revive the inheritance tax, abolished by Rajiv Gandhi, alleging it was done to protect the wealth of his mother, Indira Gandhi. He warned that if the Congress were to return to power, they would levy hefty taxes on hard-earned assets.

He further claimed that the Congress had intentions to seize people’s jewelry and savings, citing Rahul Gandhi’s remarks about conducting a national economic survey. Modi didn’t shy away from referencing controversial statements, linking them to the Congress’s alleged agenda, including accusations of appeasement towards certain groups.

In his speech, Modi also revisited the Congress manifesto, suggesting it was influenced by the Muslim League, a claim met with strong rebuttals from the Congress camp.

The Congress swiftly responded, accusing Modi of deceit and attempting to divert attention from pressing issues. Rahul Gandhi, in a social media post, implied that Modi’s rhetoric stemmed from concerns over the BJP’s performance in the initial phases of the elections.

With both sides trading accusations and seeking recourse from the Election Commission, the political landscape remains charged as campaigning intensifies.