The Congress Roast Over Muslim Contract Quota | The Prime Minister's Interview

PM Modi takes apart the Congress Party’s manifesto in a no-holds-barred attack where he ‘exposes’ the Congress’ ‘niqab’ of secularism under which it practices communalism.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks to Aishwarya Pandit Sharma of The Sunday Guardian, NewsX Editor-In-Chief Rishabh Gulati, and India News Editor-In-Chief Rana Yashwant.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke exclusively to iTV Network on a host of issues, including his development vision, why he feels the opposition’s economic plan is a no-go and his idea of secularism.

He has also highlighted his staunch opposition to politics of appeasement and has hit out at the Opposition, particularly the Congress party.

The Prime Minister sharpened his attack at the Congress over their vow to conduct a wealth survey and augment the reservation cap. He said, “You can’t examine this in isolation. You must look at their overall thought process.”

PM Modi asserted, “I had said the manifesto had the imprint of the Muslim League.” He further explained that he had referred to a statement made by Dr. Manmohan Singh, but was branded a liar until he presented video proof. He said, “…their media ecosystem raised a storm saying that ‘Modi is lying’. So two days later, I brought Manmohan Singh’s press conference forward and put it in front of them. Then they stopped talking.”

Referring to the Congress party’s manifesto, the Prime Minister stressed, “They have said that even the allotment of government contracts will have reservations.”

PM Modi gave an example to elucidate his point. He put forth the criteria for awarding the contract to build a bridge. He said, “The company bidding is evaluated based on how resourceful they are, their experience, their capability, their ability to deliver on time. Now they say that they want to give reservations to minorities in this process as well.”

The Prime Minister further questioned the idea of providing reservation on the basis of religion and asked, “Has any developing country in the world indulged in such madness?”

PM Modi also hit out at the Congress party’s tax plan and further asked, “Who will stand to benefit from it?”He asserted, “It’s the same people that Manmohan Singh ji talked about. If you join the dots, this is the logic that comes from it. How will the country accept this?”


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The Prime Minister spoke about the government’s endeavour towards realising a ‘Visit Bharat’ and highlighted that 25 crore people have been pulled out of poverty. He also pointed out the exponential boom in the number of startups and Unicorns.

Slamming politics of appeasement and contrasting it with his policies, the Prime Minister emphasised, “You must go among the people and work with energy, and that will bring the right result.”

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