Celebrating English Language Day: Honouring Shakespeare's Legacy and Global Significance

United Nations (UN) celebrates its English Language Day today and on the occassion here’s all that you need to know about the day.

United Nations (UN) celebrates its English Language Day today and on the occassion here’s all that you need to know about the day. UN English Language Day is an annual celebration which is observed on every April 23. The day coincides with the birth and death anniversary of the literary legend William Shakespeare, the iconic playwright whose profound impact on the English language is prevelant even to this day. The occasion aims at recognizing Shakespeare’s significant contributions towards making modern English what it is today and highlights the language’s role as a globally recognised communication tool.

Origins of English Language Day

English Language Day was officially established in 2010 by the UN Department of Global Communications. The department initiated the celebration of language days dedicated to each of the UN’s six official languages. The goal of these days was to celebrate the linguistic diversity in the United Nations and promote the equitable use of all official languages within the UN framework. April 23 was selected as English Language Day due to its association with the life of the great literary maestro Shakespeare, symbolizing the ever lasting influence of his contributions towards the literary aspects of the English language.

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Shakespeare’s Impact on the language

The 16th and 17th centuries marked a significant time for the English language. during these centuries Shakespeare’s prolific writing period coincided with a transformative phase in the evolution of the language. His creative use of the language introduced numerous words and phrases that have become an integral part of the English vocabulary and are still used as part of daily life. Shakespeare’s contribution to the language and his significant works not only introduced him as a literary maestro but also contributed significantly to the richness and versatility of the English language.

The Significance of English Language Day

English Language Day sheds light on the global significance of  the language English as a medium for an effective communication, cultural exchange, and international diplomacy. In the last couple of decades, English has emerged as a more official, acceptable and vital language that is used across fields alike, for business, academia, and diplomacy across various ethnicities. This enables individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds to connect and collaborate on a global scale.

This annual celebration of the language underlines the value of acquiring proficiency in English to participate actively in the global community and access educational and career opportunities worldwide. English Language Day encourages the people to celebrate linguistic diversity, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation among people that belong to different cultures and backgrounds.

Promoting Cultural Understanding and Global Engagement

The English Language Day serves as a platform that gives opportunity to people to celebrate the diversity and heritage of the English language, pressing on it importance and its role in fostering cultural understanding and building connections across borders. By embracing English as a tool for communication and collaboration, individuals can enrich their lives and contribute to a more interconnected and inclusive world.