A Comparative Analysis of BJP's Election Manifesto Evolution from Past to Present

The BJP manifestos seem to be specializing on a few aces….

Come elections and the political parties race up with their manifestos with their special provisions. With the 2024 Lok Sabha elections approaching, the Bhartiya Janta Party released its Sankalp Patra, titled Modi Gaurantee: Developed India 2047. It highlights the theme of cultural nationalism and underscrores the party’s commitment to the nation’s development, prosperity and welfare across various segments, which include women, youth, farmers and the under privileged. According to the Sankalp Patra 2024, one nation, one election and a common electoral system will be introduced.

It’s time for a detailed comparison of BJP’s previous manifesto with that of the 2024 to provide some valuable insights into the changes and evolutions that the party seems to have undergone.

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Economic Policies and Development Initiatives:

The BJP manifestos seem to be specializing on a few aces. In its previous manifestos, there was lot of emphasis on economic growth, infrastructure development, and job creation as key priorities. This year’s manifesto continues to focus on the same added with some new initiatives to bolster economic resilience, such as promoting digital innovation, strengthening manufacturing capabilities, and enhancing healthcare infrastructure to address future pandemics. BJP has pledged to bring India at the forefront of the toy manufacturing industy, employing the nation’s skilled work force and leveraging the rich cultural heritage to produce innovative and high quality toys.

Social Welfare and Inclusive Development:

Social welfare schemes, such as Jan Dhan Yojana, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, and Ayushman Bharat, had very prominent place in the BJP’s previous manifestos, emphasizing the party’s commitment to inclusive development. The 2024 manifesto builds upon these initiatives, pledging to expand social security nets, empowering the marginalized communities through targeted welfare programs. It promises to strengthen PM Kisan, PM Fasal Bima Yojna and news clusters for vegetable production and storage. It aims to empower farmers though a variety of measures including soil health cards, increased MSP and direct financial assistance under PM Kisan Samman Yojna among others to enable farmers to lead dignified lives. There are plans to uplift and advance the fisheries sector in the manifesto 0f 2024. BJP promises to modernize fishing infrastructure, provide financial support and facilitate skill development intiatives for the fishermen. It also lays ambition to make India a global manufacturing hub and the BJP led government at the centre has been campaigning vigorously with global corporates to invest in India. BJP proposes to make India energy independent by 2047 and transform tyhe country into a developed nation. Even in the education sector, BJP has focused to introduce a law against exam paper leaks to ensure fair examinations and uplift the standards of educatiion.

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National Security and Defense:

The National security and defense has been a consistent theme in the BJP’s manifestos that they have been highlighting in their earler manifestos. In the 2024 manifesto, the party reaffirms its commitment to strengthen India’s defense capabilities, modernizing the armed forces, and combatting terrorism and cross-border threats. Additionally, emphasis is placed on cybersecurity measures to safeguard national interests in the digital age.

Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development:

The 2024 manifesto has laid greater emphasis on green initiatives andclimate resilience keeping in pace with its previous manifestos that touched upon the importance on environment protection and sustainable development. The party pledges to prioritize renewable energy sources, conservation of natural resources, and sustainable urban planning to mitigate the impacts of climate change and foster environmental sustainability.

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Governance and Administrative Reforms:

Keeping in mind the extent of severity of corrution efforts are being put to streamline governance, curb corruption, and promote administrative efficiency in the BJP manifestos. In the latest manifesto, the party commits to furthering administrative reforms, leveraging technology for transparent governance, and enhancing accountability in public service delivery to ensure effective and responsive governance.

With its incorporation of significant initiatives, including the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and efforts to maintain peace in the Northeast region of India, the comparative analysis of BJP’s previous election manifestos with its 2024 manifesto reveals a continuity of core principles and priorities, coupled with an evolution in policy prescriptions and aspirations. As India confronts multifaceted challenges and opportunities in the years ahead, the BJP’s election manifesto serves as a roadmap for steering the nation towards progress, prosperity, and inclusive development as it also aims to expand globally with the setting up of thiruvalluvar cultural centres across the globe. On the national front, the railway sector is also gearing to evolve with BJP’s aim to expand its Vande Bharat, Bullet trains project